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Dear Habra Dads (as well as those who are going to become dads in the near future).I am a dad, with 2 years of experience and in this post I want to tell you how the idea of a portal for dads was born Rgodvy Dad.
Rgodvy Dad - Territory for IT Dads
My wife, during her pregnancy and afterwards, sat on mommy forums all the time. She kept giving me links to articles to read. They were boring to read because the style and subject matter was not to my liking. They were written by moms for moms.
And then one day I happened to come across a website www.geekdad.com – is a western blog that communicates about various topics and articles by dads. I loved it!!! I tried to find similar projects for dads on the web in Russian – the search yielded no results. No, of course there were projects devoted to dads, but the style and presentation of materials on them I did not like. I wanted to not only read and adopt the experience of others, I wanted to share my own experience and information. That’s how the idea arose of creating a web site-blog for dads.
The site is designed to unite all the dads who not only like to sit on the Internet, play games, program, sit on Habra, watch movies, read about new gadgets, but also love their kids and want to learn more about kids and parenting, and share their experiences and their ideas.
On this site you can learn about games for kids, toys for kids, about books for kids and about kids, how to safely let a child online or limit the time on the computer, how to build a spaceship out of Lego or make a potato gun, to raise a young snowboarder or make an ironman suit, in general, about everything you can not read about that usual sites about child-rearing, designed for moms ("mamko-sites").
Secondly, it’s a great opportunity to spend some more time at the computer 🙂 Imagine your wife says "You’re stuck in that box again and stuck on the Internet", and you proudly reply "Honey, I sit on geekdad.ru and look at something interesting to play with the child.
Third, the Rgodvy Dad project is a collective blog with a system for evaluating entries. That is, every registered user can write a post and if it will be interesting to other readers, then it will be voted on positively and the post will appear on the home page. If the material is not interesting it will be hidden in the depths of the site. Thus, you yourself decide what you are interested to read and determine the direction of the project.
We invite all dads to become regular contributors and readers. Moms are welcome to stop by and eavesdrop on what dads are talking about, too. But be careful not to give away your presence on the site. Dads don’t like it when women interfere in their conversations.
Dear Habra Dads – we are extremely important and interested in your opinion about the project Rgodwithdads. Do dads need such a resource? What would you like to see on it? We look forward to your feedback and suggestions in the comments.
UPD: Because of the hubra effect, the site is down. To keep you up to date with new publications on the site we suggest you become a fan of the pages VKONTAKTE , Facebook , twitter , Yandex.Widget
UPD2: Site is back up and running. Thanks to all who responded and crashed the server

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