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Ridley Scott to make a sequel to Blade Runner

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Ridley Scott to make a sequel to Blade Runner
Director Ridley Scott concurred to make a sequel to the cult film Blade Runner.
The original film was released in 1982 and was way ahead of its time.In its early years at the box office Blade Runner barely recouped its filming costs and was dryly received by critics. At the time, the idea that one’s ideas about the world and one’s place in it could be deliberately fabricated by third parties seemed too unusual.
But every year the popularity grew. Twenty years later, the open-ended version, according to a poll of pundits, was considered the best science fiction movie in the history of cinema
“Blade Runner” was the first film adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s works (the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electricians?”). Then came “To Remember Everything, ” “Screamers, ” “Dissent, ” and many others. Now, thirty years after the death of the great writer and visionary, his ideas have finally entered the mainstream of popular culture and become understandable to people. As if in the plot of his own story, reality for 30 years has changed in accordance with the ideas of the fantastist.
Shooting the sequel Blade Runner is scheduled to begin in 2013. It won’t be possible sooner, because even the script hasn’t been written yet. Ridley Scott has just finished working on Prometheus (conceived as a sequel to the 1979 horror film Alien, one of the most anticipated premieres of 2012) and will be busy with some other project in the next 18 months.
The producers want to make something fresh and unlike most modern films.

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