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Robokassa connection experience

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Not too long ago, we had our service decided to change its name. Launching the service on the new domain meant introducing an app store.
There was a task to get the payment system up and running fairly quickly. It was important for us that users could pay for apps both with e-money and sms.Doing a cursory review, we found several systems – some accepted only e-money, others credit cards.
Here’s a list of what suited us in terms of scope of services to the fullest extent :
www.assist.ru – put it on the list because it’s a pretty well known service, but there’s no sms.
We settled on Robokassa, though. Pretty well-known, large partners and the connection looked very easy – this played a role in our case.
Realizing that the withdrawal of money will have to be in a current account (which means you need an agreement as a minimum), we decided that first register as a natural person. and will receive money for example a purse Webmoney. Naturally it would be nice to know whether it will be possible to change the form of a legal person.
I phoned tech support (I must say that there were a few calls and I did not have to hang on the line, waiting for an answer) – I explained the situation and was told that then of course you can quickly change it to a legal entity.
Great. Fill out the form and register. In the registration specifies the site address and a comment about what we are actually going to sell.
On the new domain was hanging stub. We planned a full transfer at the moment when the payment system was up and running.
Came back: – "Resources not available for testing, resources for reconstruction, in development, templates sites can not be activated.
As it turns out, you can’t show the resource at the old address either.
Another answer : – "On the opening page (Site Url), must provide information about your activities, goods and services that you will sell, their prices and possible ways of payment. Or have links to the other sections of your site, displaying information about you and your site."
It was decided to give tech support a test account and close registration on the new domain.
At the same time we got two replies to our request :
"You must register with us as a legal entity to be considered for activation of a resource with "classified information" on the toll transactions you conduct."
"According to our records, your request has been resolved. If you have additional questions, please respond to this letter."
And no more comments. We had to fill out a form for a legal entity. It turned out that payments could be accepted before the contract was signed, we just couldn’t withdraw the money to the current account. We had to fill out a contract and send it to them. The manager assigns a number and date and sends it back. Then we sign and send it by mail.
The only thing that did not work for us immediately. (also note that they have a test server, which is true at the time of our connection did not work).
At any attempt to try to buy something or popup window appeared that the payment has not been made and returned back to the site. The error status obtained by the software said that "10 – money has not been received, the operation has been canceled. So I had to make another call.
Because we were registering first as an individual and then as a legal entity and they "didn’t check a box somewhere".
Basically everything took no more than 24 hours. 4 letters and 4 phone calls.
P.S. It will also be helpful to read the article About Robocasse vividly

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