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Roskomnadzor: Google confirms readiness to comply with Russian laws

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Roskomnadzor: Google confirms readiness to comply with Russian laws
Deputy head of Roskomnadzor Vadim Subbotin said on Wednesday that Google Corporation confirms its readiness to comply with Russian legislation.About this reports TASS. The statement was made following talks with the American company. "Google, judging by the statement of the representative, is ready to comply with Russian legislation, " Subbotin said.
He also added that the company passed the information to Roskomnadzor, which will be attached to the case of an administrative offense. "Certain nuances were discussed, we agreed on certain interaction. What our colleagues from Google told us today, we will take into account in the conduct of the case of an administrative offense. It was important information for us, " said Subbotin.
As for the talks between Google and the Russian agency, they took place Wednesday afternoon. They were attended by Doron Avni, the company’s director of government relations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said that during the meeting the parties planned to discuss the issue of connecting Google to the Federal State Information System (FGIS). Participation in it is necessary to remove from search results the links to the Internet resources banned in the Russian Federation, the localization of personal data of Russian users. Besides it was planned to sign the anti-piracy memorandum by the corporation.
Google could be fined 500-700 thousand rubles for refusing to connect to FGIS. If the company refuses to connect, on November 26 Roskomnadzor will pass a protocol on administrative violation against Google. If Google begins to work towards connecting to the unified registry of prohibited information, the result of the court proceedings may be different, as new circumstances will appear in the case.
As for Google, the corporation previously reported its willingness to dialogue with the regulator.

Roskomnadzor: Google confirms readiness to comply with Russian laws

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