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Roskomnadzor refuses to block Telegram in waves

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Roskomnadzor refuses to block Telegram in waves
Roskomnadzor has promised to stop adding large subnets to the registry of banned information in an effort to block the Telegram messenger. The agency will move to "more targeted" actions. Following a closed meeting at Roskomnadzor, it was decided that ROCIT would continue to receive complaints from users affected by the agency’s actions. Also earlier, due to attempts to block Telegram, many scientific and educational sites were inaccessible. Currently, about 20 million IP addresses have been blocked, which resulted in malfunctions of many services. The "anti-terrorist" package of laws (known as the "Yarovaya Law"), adopted by the State Duma in June 2016, obliges intelligence agencies to provide the algorithm for decrypting correspondence.
The blocking of Telegram complicates the digitalization of the Russian economy. Alexei Kudrin, former finance minister and head of the Center for Strategic Research, said this in an interview with Interfax. The decision to block the messenger, according to the head of the Center for Strategic Research Alexei Kudrin, was ill-advised. "It seems to me that this decision, this operation was carried out without sufficient preparation. It was not possible to create a situation that caused such consequences for users, " Kudrin said. According to him, the consequences became "really too severe."
Software developer Flexbby estimated that within a few months, Russian companies affected by the massive blocking by Roskomnadzor due to restrictions on access to Telegram could lose $1 billion. American companies, Google and Amazon, could lose about the same amount as well.

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