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Roskomnadzor resumed attempts to block Telegram

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Roskomnadzor resumed attempts to block Telegram
Source : monitoring the registry of banned sites "Escher II."
After a brief pause, Roskomnadzor has again started to add telegram proxy IP addresses to the registry of banned sites.Telegram Info channel reports that the blocking started on the eve of the new year , the next wave of occurred on January 17 , and on January 21 was blocked about a thousand IP addresses , among which are many proxies.
So far, all of Roskomnadzor’s efforts are in vain, and Telegram continues to work fine for most users.
Blocking may vary from provider to provider and region to region, in most cases it is for the major carriers.
Again we saw cases when some major ISPs were blocking IP addresses that are not yet in Roskomnadzor’s uploads.This happens, for example, when using a socks5 proxy without a password to connect to Telegram from the MT_FREE network of Moscow subway (service provider "MaximaTelecom").Half an hour or an hour after that a scanner from the address from the "client" network of Megafon arrives at the socks5 server.The scanner checks the availability of the socks5 proxy, tries to establish an socks5 connection with the server from Telegram’s subnetwork and exchange data. An hour and a half after the scanner arrives, some providers begin to block access to the scanned server: these are MGTS, MTS, Megafon, Yota, Beeline, etc. After another hour or an hour and a half IP address appears in the "unloading" and "delta".
Experts can’t say for sure whether this is standard IP blocking, or an example of how DPI works – of the new traffic control system that Roskomnadzor is implementing. Roskomnadzor may be testing DPI again when implementing the new traffic filtering system, Along with its contractors.
The Telegram blocking began in April 2018. In the first week, more than 15.8 million addresses were added to the registry, which led to the temporary shutdown of dozens of legal sites and services. Roskomnadzor now blocks about 3.7 million IP addresses. About 75% of them are Amazon AWS addresses (a little less than 3 million, or 10% of all Amazon AWS address space), 13% of blocked IP addresses are DigitalOcean cloud hosting addresses, 3.5% belong to Microsoft.
Last year, because of the Telegram blockade in Russia, there were protests with paper airplanes
UPD 22.01.2019 11:50 AM Just now Roskomnadzor suddenly unblocked 2.7 million Amazon AWS addresses that had been blocked since April 2018 (208 days). "Roskomnadzor specialists have found that these subnets have not been used for a long time to ensure the functioning of the Telegram messenger, " the official commentary
Roskomnadzor resumed attempts to block Telegram

Roskomnadzor resumed attempts to block Telegram

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