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RTCMeetup .Net: we invite you to the first meeting

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Raiffeisenbank developers’ community actively holds meetings, prepares workshops and does a lot of other things, so that its employees could share their knowledge and experience with the colleagues from other companies. Raiffeisenbank development is located in two cities: in Moscow and Omsk. We have seen a lot of reports from our Omsk colleagues at our mittups in Moscow, but we have never held a single mittup in Omsk. To restore balance in the universe, we decided to eliminate this injustice and to start regular meetings of professional communities in Omsk: RTC Meetups.
RTCMeetup .Net: we invite you to the first meeting
First meeting RTC Meetup will be held July 26 on the grounds of Studio 1901 and will be dedicated to Net The event starts at 17:00 and registration starts at 16:30. We invite you to attend the meeting. The program of the event includes 3 reports by speakers of Raiffeisenbank’s internal .Net community.
Vitaly Yermokhin, Data Developer
Rabbit breeding for beginners : features, tips, techniques
RabbitMQ basic techniques (patterns, message queuing approaches, guaranteed delivery)
Examples of .Net Core, Rabbit MQ, EasyNetQ packages are covered
The main goal of the report is to show what approaches there are in working with message queues
Gustov Konstantin, ICDB Family Architect
From monolith to microservices : five practical tips
Many projects are now thinking about moving from a monolithic solution to a microservice architecture. We give practical advice on how to make this transition more reliable and easier. Both in terms of code and infrastructure.
Roman Prosin, ICDB USI developer
The tale of how Cake Dot Net was built
The paper describes how Cake builds the solution pipeline on .Net with the help of the Cake utility. It demonstrates the team’s experience and describes the opportunities Cake opens for developers to build solutions. Advantages over building with standard tools
To participate as a guest it is necessary to register
We are always happy to network and share experiences, so if you would like to speak at our Omsk mitups, please do, fill in the form

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