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Russian bloggers are amateurs

by admin

Watching the development of the Russian blogosphere, I want to cry and laugh at the same time. At every corner you can hear furious cries of "the future of Web 2.0 services", "the future of blogging", "I’m fed up with optimizers, not giving out, but the store".
Of course, I understand that putting Wordpress and pulling a skin on it is a very hard thing to do. Setting up rss, stealing content, linking to sources, it’s a masterstroke.
Yes, blogs are the future, but right now the blogosphere in runet (I’m only talking about thematic stand alone blogs)(!) is a pitiful spectacle. About 1 in 100 blogs can be called a blog. A good blog must have unique, regularly updated, content. The blog should be on a specific topic, not "all for the webmaster, " "seo blog, " etc. And most importantly, The blog should be run by a person who is a professional in his or her field.
For example, a good electrician writes a blog: he writes about his work experience (!), he writes about what he knows, what he encounters every day. He writes about how to solve certain problems when working with electricity. And even if he is not a born journalist, even if his blog is not optimized and tuned, but his blog will be useful and successful, and his blog will generate income.
Appeal to aspiring bloggers : Guys, for example, you decided to do a blog about seo. Now think about it, how many sites have you actually brought to the first positions in the serp? One, and the one on the query "Vasya Pupkin a particular pepper"? Write only about what you’re a professional, what you do every day, and if your job – sit on the bench and drink beer, then that’s what you write 🙂

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