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Russian industry will be urgently rid of foreign software

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Russian industry will be urgently rid of foreign software
By of information Vedomosti, the government approved the road map "New production technologies". According to it up to 2024 the share of domestic special software at Russian enterprises should be at least 60%. This refers to software products for the automation of the production process and business management, including systems for the automation of design of various industrial products, enterprise business management (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), HR document management systems, equipment management, repair and maintenance, software systems for shipment of finished products.
The roadmap for the development and migration to Russian solutions for the country’s industrial market was developed for the Russian government by Rostec State Corporation and Rosatom. They plan to increase the number of work places with the installed Russian software in the enterprises from the current 900 thousand to 1.35 million in 3 years. It is supposed to allocate 8.7 billion rubles from the federal budget and 9 billion rubles will be taken from off-budget sources, of which 754 million rubles will be provided by Rostec and Rosatom. Roscosmos, Rostelecom and Almaz-Antey plan to invest in this project.
A representative of the Ministry of Digital explained that this will spur the process of import substitution of existing software and even if necessary equipment in the industry. The Ministry’s goal is to make the country’s industrial enterprises independent of external software and hardware solutions. For the most part this applies to aircraft construction, mechanical engineering, radioelectronics, and the defense-industrial complex.
On July 26, Rosatom State Corporation adopted decision to migrate from Microsoft OS and DBMS to domestic products. The organization is now working with the Sirius information system to administer the corporation’s projects, which previously worked on the operating system and Microsoft products. Prior to the import substitution the server part of Sirius was based on Microsoft Windows Server 2016, DBMS MicrosoftSQLServer 2016 SP2 Enterprise and ASU-Invest software. It is planned that the use of "ASU-Invest" application software will remain unchanged, while Microsoft products will be replaced by Astra Linux Special Edition OS and Postgres Pro Enterprise DBMS from the Russian manufacturer.
In mid-July, the media reported that Russian financial institutions will be able to replace foreign software and equipment installed in their IT systems with domestic analogues as licenses or depreciation periods of programs and devices expire. The Ministry of Finance has allowed banks not to do so from a certain date in the next two to three years, but recommends taking January 1, 2023 as the milestone to start this process.
On July 14, the Russian state corporation Rostec, together with the developer of domestic data storage systems and servers Yadro reported that they intend to release proprietary processors by 2025 to replace the PC and server fleets at institutions of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Education and Ministry of Health.

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