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Russian link sellers enter the international market with TNX.netservice

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The international version of famous link buying-selling system, aimed at promotion in search engines, has been launched. TNX.net The service is an analogue of XAP.ru However, it is suitable not only for Russian webmasters, but also for Western ones.

Advantages of the system :
For the webmaster :
– Ability to generate income from all internal pages of the site regardless of their distance from the main page: by default, 1 link on each page, and the webmaster can increase the number of links to a maximum of 4, provided they are installed in different locations on the page (do not arrange linkopomoeka)
– Bulkiness : the system is able to work well in automatic mode with tens of millions of pages and links – the most difficult thing we worked on for many months when creating xap.ru. The system sells a million links a day (for a month), maybe 2-3 million if supply and demand increase.
– Manual moderation by the system of all the links uploaded by the advertisers = high quality links, no links to dorwei, links relevance, very strict requirements for advertisers
– Cost factor x2 for eng/de sites which are few in the system comparing to thousands of russian speaking ones
– Protection against links in Cyrillic on eng/de sites during campaigns creation
– Funds for links are charged in advance for a month in advance, quick withdrawal to Webmoney or PayPal, you can directly make transactions on the exchange (not yet automated) with other participants without mediation of the system, prices are constantly growing by 2% per week
– Security and privacy : no member lists, no folders open for recording, no tags. Easy "copy-paste" installation of php, perl, or asp code.
– Links naturalness for Google : links are on the same page for many months, don’t blink every day and don’t change places on the page.
– Price adjusts automatically depending on the parameters of each page (PR, yahoo backlinks, topic, soon (as we run the search engine): the number of external links on the page, the weight of each page
– Good prices for pages with non-zero Google PR. The presence on the site pages with PR > 0 MUST for admission to the system.
– Calculator of your potential income from the site in the system on the TNX.net home page
For the advertiser :
– The system is designed to quickly, conveniently and most economically promote a large number of low- and medium-frequency
– More than 30 million pages available (including russian pages, which in our experience work fine for google.com)
– Links are placed only in automatic mode on the pages of sites of the chosen topic (PR, Yahoo backlinks / TIC to choose from)
– Possibility to promote thousands of pages of one site, and you do not need to cram each url manually (batch loading)
– Many links are placed in a prominent place on pages = visitors not only from search engines, but also from sites
– Great prices on links : from $10 for 10000 direct links per month
– Handy ajax interface
– Optimizers and advertising agencies receive up to 50% discount, payment via Paypal or Webmoney

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