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Samsung remotely blocks its “gray” Smart TVs in Russia. UPD – Samsung statement

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I will never buy anything by Samsung again in my life!!! And I will dissuade everyone who will ask for advice in buying equipment!

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Samsung remotely blocks its "gray" Smart TVs in Russia. UPD - Samsung statement
On January 22, Samsung began actively blocking Smart TV functionality on its TVs that the manufacturer did not intend for use in Russia. This situation received widespread publicity a couple of days ago, and since then, the Runet has not subsided.
It is understandable the manufacturer’s desire to take advantage of Russian law (the national principle of trademark rights exhaustion – Art. 1487 of the Russian Civil Code ), restrict parallel imports and thus protect their margins.
For example, one of the most popular models Q70 in size 55" costs about 64, 000 rubles, and in the official store - 100, 000 rubles. For larger diagonals the price difference is 1, 5-2 times.
But the piquancy of the situation is that the applied measures hit first of all the end users of the already introduced products, and not the importers. There are a lot of stories on the forums about how people bought TV sets in Finland or Poland on their own and brought them into Russia legally, not knowing that they would run into problems. But regardless of the option of buying them themselves abroad or from an unofficial seller at a conditional Gorbushka, they ended up with a bricked-up Smart TV.
An additional difficulty for the end consumer is that it is not always possible to clearly identify what kind of TV the seller offers. For example, here here man was sure he was buying a "legal" TV, but ended up getting blocked. You can also see one of Samsung’s typical responses there :

Dear Eugene, We have read the description of your problem and we are sorry for the difficulties you encountered.
Such information on the TV screens indicates that the TV was manufactured for another region and may not meet the technical requirements of the region of actual location. This precludes the manufacturer from guaranteeing the availability of all features in the user’s country of residence (actual use of the unit).
The information that the availability of the functions depends on the region of delivery is stated in the user manual.
We recommend that you buy only from authorized retailers in the region to be able to enjoy all the features of the product and also the support of the manufacturer.
To make sure, please contact our customer service by calling our toll-free number 8-800-555-55-55.

Certainly feels a bit of a contradiction between the streamlined phrase "eliminates the manufacturer’s ability to guarantee the availability of all features in the user’s country of residence" and the actual intentional forced remote disabling of features.
In the forums with varying success looking for ways to bypass the blocking. The main option is to reconfigure the region and activate via VPN European smart hub. But in this case the applications and services of the selected European region will be available, often without ivi, okko, Yandex and Match TV. Another option for solving the problem is more extreme – replacement of the TV system board with an analogue of the official model. Such a procedure costs at least $140.
What’s next? Some users said that they have already turned to Rospotrebnadzor with a request to verify the legality of the actions of Samsung. Others even managed to form a petition on change.org. The forums are filled with happy distributors of "legal" TVs and surprisingly happy users of "legal" TVs, who actively stigmatize the "lowlifes" who are "at fault. At the same time, people rightly note that we should expect further problems with other "illegal" smart equipment from Samsung, which calls into question the advisability of further adherence to this brand.
On the other hand, in the case of TVs, only the functionality of Smart TV is lost, and the screen itself continues to properly show the picture from external sources. The price difference with a "legal" TV is such that some people use that money to buy an Xbox/Play Station, Nvidia shield or more budget options – Apple TV, Xiaomi Mi Box and other smart boxes.
Now the move is on the competitors. If Sony and LG don’t follow the example of their main competitor, we can assume that consumer love will shift in their direction despite the nice technical characteristics of Samsung’s screens.
UPD. samsung released an official statement. Blah, blah, blah we want the money and you hold on. news.samsung.com/en/officialstatement2

Due to the emergence of information about users’ problems related to the blocking in Russia of certain features of TVs, Samsung Electronics reports.
The blocking affected the functions of devices that were manufactured for use in other states or regions.
Locked features could not be available on these devices without performing manipulations to change the factory settings (e.g. unlocking or reflashing).
Such devices are not certified for use in the Russian region, which eliminates the possibility of the manufacturer to guarantee their correct operation, the availability of all functions, as well as timely and quality service in accordance with global corporate standards of Samsung Electronics. In addition, some of the services sold through the blocked platform may have licensing restrictions on the territory of use.
Information that the availability of the functions depends on the region of delivery can be found in the user manual.
In accordance with Russian legislation, the devices must have an EAC certificate (certificate of compliance with technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union) and be marked with the EAC mark on the housing and box label. The EAC certificate must be available from the retailer.
We recommend that users check when purchasing televisions to make sure they have such a certificate at the point of sale, and to make sure that the model listed on the EAC certificate is the same as the model on the unit.
All TV sets certified for sale in Russia end with the Latin letters RU in the full model name.
Samsung recommends that you buy products only from official sales channels (e.g., Samsung branded retail stores or the branded online store website) to be able to enjoy all the features of the product and also the manufacturer’s support.
If you have any questions about device identification we recommend to contact Samsung Electronics support service by phone: 8-800-555-55-55 (free of charge from local mobile and landline phones in Russia).
In addition, more information on technical support can be found on the Samsung website in the relevant section : www.samsung.com/ru/support/category/tv-audio-video

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