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Sending parcels from abroad through Shopozz: some statistics for 2014

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In 2014, a free parcel shipping service was born Shopozz.com. A little later, in August, our blog appeared on Habra, then it migrated to Gictimes, we wrote technology reviews described novelties of the month , advised, what to buy Black Friday and stuff like that. And the whole time they were sending packages. Sending and sending.
Sending parcels from abroad through Shopozz: some statistics for 2014
Today we would like to share some statistics on what, how much, and in what quantity our customers (including users of Shopozz.ru ). How the currency crisis has affected the number of shipments and what’s in store for us all in 2015. Come below, it will be interesting.
A little bit of history: the service of mail-forwarding Shopozz.com appeared on the basis of the parent Shopozz.ru, since 2005, helping customers do shopping in stores in the U.S., UK, China, Germany and Europe. As a result of many years of work, it was realized that a separate site was needed, designed for independent clients who needed fast and reliable forwarding of goods from a virtual American address. Actually, in July it appeared and immediately went into full operation.
But back to the statistics. The first one is. the number of shipments For clarity, the graph is combined with the dollar rate, which is marked with a red line. For obvious reasons, we can’t give a specific number of shipments – that would be too luxurious a gift to the competition. But do not rush to disappointment, first, 250 000 registered users allow to judge about scale of forwarding (here and further joint statistics of COM and RU services are displayed), secondly, even without concrete figures we can judge about dynamics – and this is the most interesting. And third, these are the only figures that we’ve classified.
Sending parcels from abroad through Shopozz: some statistics for 2014
The number of shipments has been more or less stable since July. There was an expected surge in September, when everyone returned from vacation. Then, simultaneously with the growth of the dollar, the number of parcels began to fall. It would seem that the drop was not the most catastrophic. However, the experience of previous years suggests that from September to December the number of parcels should have increased significantly. What we are seeing is a clear drop, which suggests about a 40-50% decrease compared to the same period last year.
It should be noted that a similar situation is observed with other forwarding services. So Shipito In conversation with RBC stated a 55% decrease in shipments compared to December 2013, and Dostami.ru stopped delivering shipments to Russia altogether. However, Shopozz has some cause for optimism. First, the number of shipments via Shopozz.com is gradually growing as users become more and more active in independent shopping. Secondly, we see a very active “growth point” in the form of shipments from China. Especially since Shopozz has its own warehouse there.
Continuing stats : average cost of shipment – with the exception of October, the average cost of attachments stays around $250 (the October anomaly can be explained by the beginning of iPhone 6 sales and mass shipments of phones to themselves).
Sending parcels from abroad through Shopozz: some statistics for 2014
Interestingly enough, the rise in the dollar exchange rate had no effect on this figure at all. People were still buying the same things, and continue to do so. In addition, the number of items in parcels has not changed in any way – on average, each customer of the service puts three items in one shipment. Preliminary data from January is also somewhere in this range.
Cost of shipping : As a rule, most customers chose the fastest shipping via EMS. This suggests that customers valued speed and convenience.
Sending parcels from abroad through Shopozz: some statistics for 2014
But since November, just as the exchange rate went up, users began to save a lot on shipping, choosing cheaper ways.
A couple more words about delivery. Leading cities, where parcels come – is, of course, Moscow and St. Petersburg. On the background of these two capitals, the other cities are noticeably behind. However, in numerical terms, one cannot say that other major cities receive few parcels. Not a lot, but not even close to as many as Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Now, as far as timing goes. As already mentioned, many have ordered shipping via EMS. Average time is 8 days (guaranteed time is 2 weeks). Priority Mail averaged 16 days (guaranteed 4 weeks), Shopozz By Sea 32 days (guaranteed 9 weeks), Shopozz Avia 18 days (guaranteed 4 weeks).
Sending parcels from abroad through Shopozz: some statistics for 2014
It should be said that Shopozz is very responsible for deadlines. That is why the service has a guarantee – if the parcel arrived later than agreed, the user receives compensation in the form of free shipping of the next shipment. For the whole of 2014 there was only one (I repeat, one) official complaint to the support service about failure to meet deadlines. Naturally, the customer received the promised discount.
As mentioned in previous posts, Shopozz.com calls itself a free mail-forwarding service from overseas. The freebies are achieved by having the user pay the postage rate for mailing. As if he personally came to the post office abroad and sent himself a parcel. Shopozz itself profits at the expense of volume discounts – with a large number of shipments, the postal operator makes a discount which allows the service to live and develop. The second form of income is the provision of additional services for checking goods and photographing them. Agree, it would be a shame to buy a product (especially if it is something used, bought on Ebay), pay a lot of money, wait two or three weeks and get not what you ordered.
Sending parcels from abroad through Shopozz: some statistics for 2014
An example of a test photo from of this post
Statistics show that, on average, 16% of parcel owners order a product inspection service and 14% ask to take a picture of the item. Interestingly, with the rise of the dollar, the number of inspections has fallen. In January, we recorded about a twofold drop in these figures – with the current level of the dollar, people are trying to save on any additional service.
As a conclusion I would like to make a small prediction for the first quarter of 2015. According to the cost of shipments it is clear that people are not going to give up buying familiar things – if you are used to buying jeans from one company, you are unlikely to switch to Turkish jeans. Well, after the December price hike again more and more often it turns out that to order is cheaper than buy locally. So the “average bill” per parcel has remained unchanged. And from the looks of it, if it decreases in the near future, it will not be much.
And what people are really saving on is the cost of shipping, delivery time (a week or three), and various additional services like insurance. What’s more, you can see by the timing of the purchases that people have been shopping much more aggressively on sale. A 50% discount, which was quite realistic to catch on Black Friday, perfectly compensated for the doubling of the dollar exchange rate. I.e. the price of the product in rubles has not changed, but the product at least remained in the same category of availability as it was before the sale.
In turn, the company Shopozz promises to do everything possible to reduce the cost of shipping goods by introducing cheaper tariffs. Without sacrificing quality, of course. After all, Shopozz guarantees its delivery times.
Sending parcels from abroad through Shopozz: some statistics for 2014

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