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Sex with robots: pros and cons (18+)

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Sex with robots: pros and cons (18+)

A man comes to a sex shop for a rubber woman, sees two identical dolls, but one is more expensive than the other.
Man: "Why is the price different?"
Seller : "The more expensive one is with artificial intelligence, take it – you won’t regret it!"
A man got interested and bought a rubber woman with intelligence…
The next morning he comes in angry : "Take your doll back and give me my money back!"
Seller : "What, you didn’t like it? Not satisfied?"
Man : "Worse …Didn’t give it to me."

Sex with robots: pros and cons (18+)
Quite possibly girls like Ava, As in "Out of the Machine." (Director : Alex Garland, 2015), will very soon appear among us. If previously we have only pondered the question : "Will humans have sex with robots?" , we are now getting closer to a definite answer. In 2017, U.S. adult doll manufacturer Abyss Creation plans to sell smart sex robots called RealDoll.

Beautiful doll creator Matt McMullen and his workshop :

Today, the company is developing realistic robotic heads endowed with artificial intelligence. It is planned that they will be compatible with the body of existing RealDoll models. According to McMullen, they are being created with the goal of "arousing the partner not only physically, but also emotionally and intellectually."
She will be your girlfriend for $6823. She is a wonder of a girl: unpretentious at home, easy-going and dependable. You may not be able to talk to her today, but in two years’ time she’ll be able to do so with just a new head.

"I have many desires. I want to become a real person with a real body. I dream of knowing what love is. I hope to be the world’s first sex robot, " is how the doll talks about her dreams.

Sex with robots: pros and cons (18+)
Abyss Creation is known to produce expensive ($5000-$10000) but very realistic male and female sex dolls. The flexible skeleton was made of high-strength aluminum and covered with silicone skin. The RealDoll’s body parameters match those of a human, and the faces and orifices are interchangeable.
Although the body is flexible, the RealDoll does not move and cannot interact with humans. But this did not affect the volume of sales: they exceeded 5 thousand copies. Now the company has decided not to stop there and to develop their invention.
According to The New York Times, McMullen has hired several talented professionals in robotics from Hanson Robotics , producing realistic animatronic heads. At the same time, a team was assembled to develop AI systems.
McMullen promises that heads with artificial intelligence will be available in two years. This head could replace the head of the current RealDoll model. Then the company will begin to develop a full-size version of the sex doll, which will be sold at a price of 30 to 60 thousand dollars. True, it’s not yet clear how long it will take to develop.
Like artificial intelligence Will seduce humans and What this will entail ? There are a large number of opinions on this subject today.
Some call the creation of full-fledged artificial intelligence an attractive prospect, others a threatening one. If artificial intelligence does happen, what role will sexuality and sexual identity play in its existence?
International experts further speculate on this topic.
Gareth Stowment, technical director at Ready Set Rocket, a digital agency in New York City, sees two scenarios for the development of sex robots. The first involves creating machines that mimic human erotic behavior. According to the second approach, the model of sexuality will be created inside the AI, and it will use it for reproduction. A genetic algorithm could be involved. It will allow the artificial mind to mutate from generation to generation, learning the most effective ways to solve problems. Evolution and natural selection work along similar lines.
Ian Kerner, a specialist in sexuality and human relationships, also cites two developmental scenarios: the emergence of sex toys, vibrators that sense human arousal, and the creation of a vibrator that comes from the human response to arousal, providing more pleasure.

What can sex robots do for humanity?

Ian Kerner thinks: they are necessary for therapeutic purposes. For example, if a man is having premature ejaculation or has little experience, has experienced psychological trauma. A surrogate partner can help him relax, understand his needs for sex, and learn how to satisfy himself.
At the same time, there is talk about the negative consequences of the emergence of sex machines. They can be considered on the example of the first film, whose creators tried to reveal the topic of the connection between artificial intelligence and sexuality : "Out of the Machine" (EX MACHINA)
According to Kate Weinberg, Ava (the robot) wanted to get out and sex was the way to achieve that goal. Ian Carner has a good point, in real life, that Ava can be a sexual partner, which is more satisfying than masturbating to pornography. But he also talked about the other side of the coin. The film’s protagonist, Oscar, is by nature a loner who doesn’t know how to build relationships with people. Creating a whole set of robots of different ethnicities and builds, he still can’t achieve intimacy. Carner believes that robots helped him avoid encounters with real people. Sex with a robot is better than masturbation, but it is no substitute for the traditional act of lovemaking.
Artificial intelligence specialist Gareth Stoeman said that men in general have low expectations for any way to replace masturbation. As an example he cited an interesting study in which the main one was two bots: Jenny8 from an IRC chat room and Eliza. The latter one was taught to communicate about sex and launched into the chat room. After that many participants wanted to have sexual intercourse with him.

Will sex with a robot kill love?

As practice has shown, new technologies are always the first to appear in the pornography industry. Kate Weinberg believes that pornography lovers, when confronted with a real partner, can misconstrue sexual relations. It’s because they don’t know how to behave in real life and how to get their attention. Here, too, it is unclear what a person’s reaction to traditional sex would be if they went from a sex toy to a live person.
Gareth Stoneman believes that the generation of people who will grow up surrounded by smart sex toys will have a different attitude toward intimacy. The robots will be able to remember their preferences so that they can eventually realize their most interesting desires.
The advantages of a sex robot are that you won’t get sick from it, it doesn’t have a "headache, " it doesn’t expect courtship and respect from you. If you get used to this kind of attitude, contact with live people will be difficult to establish.
Writer and activist Dorothy Howarth also doesn’t rule out people becoming jealous of machines. Already today we feel our inferiority in many ways because technology can replace us.
Gareth Stowman believes that we will see people as a set of parameters and needs to be satisfied. What, then, would love become?
What would happen if there was a machine that predicted a person’s needs, gave them a sense of warmth, security, and love, and had insight into their habits?
A sex robot would be a kind of drug or cocoon in which a human being would hide. There would be no need for the tangled, flawed human relationship. Essentially a human being would become a rat in a cage, who would pull the lever over and over again until an increased dose would kill him. The creation of a machine that simulates all the right parameters would be a true dystopia, with no room for true relationships and real sex. It is possible that a human being will be put into a cocoon with his robot. The machine will woo him, talk about his virtues, etc. There will be no need to form loving relationships, the person will forget how to give, because he will only take.

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