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Shutdown Day 2012

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After a couple of years of silence, Shutdown Day has resumed its work.This time it has undergone a slight transformation.
Shutdown Day 2012
Firstly – the founders and organizers of the previous Shutdown Days (2007, 2008 and 2009) this time have nothing to do with the launch (except the idea), secondly – this year Shutdown Day is held only in Russia (on the .ru domain), thirdly – Shutdown Day 2012 is more human-friendly, it gives the right to choose the shutdown (computer, tablet or phone), fourthly – this day falls on May 16, while the day before, on May 15, we all look forward to the Diablo 3 release. Well, fifth – 16th of May is a Wednesday, a working Wednesday.
The rest is unchanged :
1. combating Internet addiction (as part of the current sdd an experiment is being conducted in one of the Tambov universities. There 25 students voluntarily gave up using the Internet for 3 weeks, and are seen daily by doctors and psychologists);
2. insignificant, but possible saving of electricity (one could write volumes about this, read experts’ opinions on WWF Earth Hour);
3. health promotion (probably the biggest trump card of the current sdd – get outdoors, meet your friends, it’s spring).
It’s still interesting how the community reacts to flash mobs like this. But I don’t think it has transformed much since past years. Here are links to past days (read the comments):
Shutdown Day 2007
Shutdown Day 2008
Shutdown Day 2009
The link to the 2012 Shutdown Day website is shutdownday.ru , Twitter Shutdown Day Russia / hashtag #sdd12 A post for young people and hipsters on Lookatme
And a question: what do you think about Shutdown day 2012?
p.s.: tried to contact the founders of original Shutdown day, but got no response. It would be interesting to see them in the comments.

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