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So are we going to make movies?

by admin

I don’t think there are many people sitting in a dark movie room who haven’t plotted their own movie stories.
In each of us sits a dreamer and a fantasist.
The dream factory beckons with the beauty of its myths, in which each viewer (even those who can hardly fit into a wide cinema chair) can at least mentally visit the skin of a handsome superhero.
Of course any fool can think richly of himself and not aloud. But how about sharing your thoughts with your neighbor… Or maybe with your farther away?
I’ve been looking at screenwriting software for a long time. Just because it’s interesting. And there are more than a dozen of them out there. The common thing is that they cost a lot and exist mostly for Windows.
But we have heard about other systems!
So, I recently came across an interesting project called Celtx.
It is free (Open Source) and you can use it with Linux, besides Windows, you will also like MacOS.
It is essentially a text editor for the writer-writer of screenplays, theater plays, advertising scripts, creative texts or stories for comic strips. Contains a complete set of necessary tools to work on the script and the individual characters of the story. Provides the ability to save the project as an html or pdf.
This is all great, but one thing seemed very, very interesting and unique for programs of this kind.
The authors of the project didn’t limit themselves to creating just another program (even if it’s free and multiplatform).
The authors of the project created an entire community. Anyone can create their own project here, and not just one author, but a whole team can work on it. Projects can be exposed to the community and coauthor groups can be created. From my point of view, Celtic is a promising and creative project that allows many people to try their hand at screenwriting without getting bogged down in the numerous rules of screenwriting.
Celtics completely provides the creative process :

– Sketching an idea
– Editing individual scenes/parts
– Compile parts into handy index cards
– Connecting contributors to the process
– compile the necessary base of materials (notes, audio, photos, sketches)
– draw a storyboard of the project
– create a project shooting plan

So, you can download the program (there is also a Russian version) from the site of its creators.
The price is seven meters (7Mb) of traffic.
Of the disadvantages noticed – the lack of classification of projects by language, but Celtic is young and, I’m sure, will grow rapidly.

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