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Greetings, Habraludes!
Standalone Last.fmscrubbler
Many of you know a great service like Last.fm Briefly for those who do not know: Last.fm – an Internet music project, the main services of which is the collection of information about the music you listen to, and its cataloging in the individual and general charts, issuing recommendations based on the collected data. For more information, see this post.
At first I registered on this site on the advice of a friend without much enthusiasm, just to see what songs are popular with this or that artist. But then, when normal support for AIMP scrobbler started, I started to use the service as I should. Everything would be fine, but I was upset by the fact that in the statistics were added only those songs that I listen in AIMP’e (then I had a regular phone, songs from the car and the player, of course, no scrobbler, and scrubblers for VKontakte worked very unstable).
So I decided to do some digging. Last.fm API for general development and to solve this problem. The result is a program, written in C#, which I uncomplicatedly called Standalone Last.fm scrubbler which allows you to scrub tracks without directly listening to them in the player. This will allow you to put all the tracks you listen to into statistics (if you know their names, of course).
At first I used it for my own needs, but later I decided to put it out there and it was unexpectedly nice when people expressed gratitude and wishes. I dare to hope that maybe someone here will find it useful.
The main features of the program include :

  • two modes of sending tracks (login/password or allowing the application to access the profile once). I advise to use the second method – it’s newer and you don’t need to enter a password. Hence, there is no risk to sow it.
  • preservation of settings
  • logging
  • add track to favorites
  • export the listened track to a text file for further use in the program
  • saving the entered artists
  • ability to scrub more than 50 tracks at a time (remember, the limit per day per profile – 2880, after that the tracks are scrubbed without errors, but do not appear on the site)

Naturally, when working with this program you will often have to resort to manual labor (filling) the necessary fields, but there is no way without it, the program can not read your mind and know what you need to scramble (however, there are a couple of ways to speed up this process).
This is what it looks like :
Standalone Last.fmscrubbler
Disclamer :
My Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 does not see anything wrong with the program. It all depends on your anti-viruses. Many of them see viruses or Trojans in software cracks and other harmless things. I can only assure that I didn’t include anything obviously harmful into the program.
It was not intended for dishonest scrobbling (cheating the number of auditions). So if you have a problem with it, you will be to blame. For any problems that may arise with the service / site, I am not responsible as well. As they say – use at your own risk.
UPD: Apparently somebody sent this program to Kaspersky Lab for review, and now KIS is complaining about it as a Trojan.
References :
A little instruction and discussion
Download the latest version
Version selection
An example of Last.fm API
A project with a similar focus (not mine)
Objective critique, suggestions and suggestions for improvement are welcome. If anyone is interested, I can try to write a topic about using Last.fm API on .NET.

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