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Startup Poster Updated

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Startup Poster Updated
Noticed the other day that the Startup Afisha portal rolled out a second version.
Let me remind you that the first version of this startup for startups. was released on its own in a week. The service was testing demand for half a year, and its main functionality was a weekly newsletter with all startup events in Russia. And it worked, I do not know how many subscribers the mailing has now, but the St. Afisha calendar is the most complete and up to date at the moment. It has even become a kind of "industry standard.
And so, after the test of time, the poster launches new services.

Calendar of startup events

The basic functionality of the site went nowhere and continues to please visitors. Only the design of the calendar itself has become more convenient and has taken all home page 🙂
Of the new : export to iCal, G. Calendar (oh, yes!) and Outlook. If the event is linked to Facebook, the "I’ll go" button appears.
Separately, I’d like to focus on event feedback. Do you often have events after each of any startup party you have thoughts "that sucks, won’t go there again" or vice versa "wow, how useful"? Now you can stop keeping it to yourself and share it with other people on the " Reviews ". Hopefully, over time, a critical mass of comments will accumulate there and whether or not to go to the next event can be understood in advance.

Map of offices

A simple idea to see where other startup companies in the city are located, find a friendly office or business incubator.
Startup Poster Updated

Moscow is already very well stocked with dough, but in St. Petersburg the desert winds are still blowing and the tumbleweeds are frolicking.

Startup deals

Startup Deals, this is a very nice section, it collects the latest public investment deals in Russia and abroad.
I often meditate on this page,
Startup Poster Updated
The number of zeros, at first it’s a bit confusing, but then you get used to it 🙂

Vacancies for startuppers

And lastly, for today. job section Honestly, it’s nothing remarkable, it’s just a mini job site. You can look for an employee at a startup or get a job yourself.
Although you have to hand it to Alena Vladimirskaya, who diligently adds to the job database, there is already plenty to choose from!
The CV database is still worse, but you can already find a partner in Malaysia , for example 🙂
Personally, I’m not sure yet how much these services will be in demand, but as they say, we’ll see. What do you think of all these features and the portal in general? Does it help the community and you personally?

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