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State-owned companies have launched the process of transition to domestic software

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Russian state companies started to discuss the upcoming transition to domestic software, report "Vedomosti." The discussion is linked to a corresponding directive signed by First Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov.
The directive obliged state companies to hold meetings of their boards of directors with the issue of transition to domestic software.After the meeting, companies must approve the plan for transition to Russian software, calculated until 2021. The plan must specify specific actions and deadlines for import substitution, budgets and KPIs.
In addition, state companies are required to set similar targets for their subsidiaries in which state companies have more than 50% of the authorized capital. Every quarter they have to send progress reports to the Ministry of Communications.
The boards of directors of Rostelecom and Dom.RF have already discussed the issue of import substitution, approving all the measures described in the directive. Boards of Directors of Russian Railways and VTB are to discuss import substitution on December 25, and the Novorossiysk Grain Mill – on December 20. However, the results of the meetings have not been published yet. The boards of directors of "Transneft" and "Rosnano" will discuss the transition to Russian software on December 27.
Earlier it became known that the plan of import substitution companies will agree with the Center of competence for import substitution in the ICT sphere. Ilya Massukh, director of the Center, said that companies will divide the software into separate classes. In each class the share of Russian software should exceed 50%. The company will be able to buy more than 50% of foreign software, but only if it can prove that there is no analogue in Russia.
Since January 1, 2016, when purchasing software for state needs, the customer must give priority to Russian developments which are included in the Unified Register of Domestic Software. As an exception, cases may be considered where there is no domestic software with the characteristics required by the customer.
This requirement formally applies only to state bodies, but in July 2016 First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov sent a directive to state representatives on the boards of directors of state-owned companies that they should give preference to Russian software when purchasing software.
At the end of last month, Russian software producers suggested that the presidential administration and the government should tighten control over the purchase of foreign software by introducing verification of the justifications given by government agencies when purchasing foreign software.

State-owned companies have launched the process of transition to domestic software

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