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Steve Jobs died

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Steve Jobs died
The media is reporting on the death of Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple.You can have different opinions about Appleand Steve, but you can’t deny that he is an iconic figure in the IT industry who created many trends. Requiescat in pace, Steve.
Here’s a translation of a post on Apple’s official site:
Apple has lost its fantastic and inventive genius, and the world has lost a remarkable man. Those of us who had the privilege of knowing and working closely with Steve have lost a dear friend and inspired mentor. Steve left behind a company that only he could have built, so his spirit will forever be in the heart of the company.
Source – Apple
Apple stores around the world had deprived of of the backlighting of all Apple logos.
Those who wish to share their sympathies can send their thoughts and condolences to the postal address rememberingsteve@apple.com Perhaps some will be given to Steve’s family.
A good video from CNET that sums up the visual retells Steve’s career.
Recollections of his IT shop colleagues below :
Larry Page, CEO of Google, brought his condolences to Steve’s family and friends and confessed that Steve was always an inspiration to him.
Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, solidarity with his friend Larry that Steve was an inspiration to him and offered condolences to his family and friends.
Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, also brought his condolences from himself and his wife Melinda and said he would miss Steve greatly.
Mark Zuckerberg thanked Steve for being Mark’s mentor and becoming a friend.
Robert Scoble, one of Rackspace’s executives, arrived at Apple headquarters, where leads photo report. Even the very skies above Apple HQ mourn Steve’s passing :
Steve Jobs died
Barack Obama and his wife Michelle brought to their condolences to Steve’s family. The U.S. president noted that Steve is one of America’s greatest innovators.
Meg Whitman, succeeding Leo Apotheker as CEO of HP, stated that Steve will be remembered for his innovations, as well as for the inspiration he gave to the world.
Engadget Portal made a wonderful compilation of Steve’s quotes. Mastrid unequivocally.
Thanks pavlov_eugene for link on Business Insider, which also did a compilation of quotes from Steve’s famous contemporaries.
Thanks de1337ed For the link to the Russian BBC, where many of the quotes are presented by in Russian, as well as Sakyra For a link to a similar article Forbes As well as translation the legendary speech Steve Jobs to Stanford graduates.
Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, said that his heart is now with Steve’s family.
Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, bitterly noted that he had lost his friend.
D. A. Medvedev, president of the Russian Federation, expressed his condolences to his loved ones and shares the sorrow of his loss with all those who appreciated Steve’s talent.
Acer thanked Steve for being the one who made the company work toward the user with his inventions.
Samsung Electronics CEO Cho Ji-sung, despite the fact that the Koreans have a very strained relationship with Apple, expressed in several lawsuits around the world, expressed his condolences to Jobs’ family and colleagues.

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