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Story about the first RDSFront&Meetup

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Hi! Until recently, we had internal company-wide mitups called RamblerJS. Developers would prepare reports on topics interesting to them and tell them in our lecture hall to all the front-enders (and not only) of the company group. Usually this was accompanied by pizza or fruit and a small discussion afterwards. This time it was a little different, which will be discussed in this post on behalf of one of the organizers.
Story about the first RDSFront&Meetup
On Wednesday, December 14, we held a pilot RDSFrontMeetup. which was originally intended to be just another intra-company rally. But in the course of its preparation everything changed: from the list of reports to the name of the event.

At first one performance was planned

Story about the first RDSFront&Meetup This was a report about web page load optimization. We had been thinking about this for a long time, as there was no pronounced frontend optimization culture within the holding company, and the amount of functionality on the client was growing.
So one day a Project Manager said, "I’m sick and tired of this project being slow to load! Let’s optimize!". This phrase resulted in the research and optimization of one of the projects. After seeing the results, the usually happy Manager smiled even more.
Then, either by chance or out of enthusiasm, a developer from another project got interested in the topic. He investigated not only his own, but also the projects of the entire holding and drew conclusions. This all evolved into the theme of the report, which no one in our country usually touched.

Another report to the program

Story about the first RDSFront&Meetup One day someone from RD came in saying, "I made a toolkit and I want to demonstrate it." The toolkit is called rship He has performed before and more than once, so all we had to do was ask him to come in for a performance run one of these days.
Also, in the process of preparation, there was another report about component approach, but the proposal to participate in the meeting was unexpected for the author, and in the end it was decided to postpone his report to the next meeting.

How an internal event became an external event

After a while, we realized that interesting reports were coming up. Since the idea of expanding had been in the air for a long time, it was decided to invite outside guests, to which everyone reacted positively. But if all went wrong, we didn’t want it to affect a large number of people, and we began to think about how to make it so that the right number of guests came.
Story about the first RDSFront&Meetup To begin with, we decided that if twenty outside guests came, it would be perfect to get started. It took a long time and eventually on Friday we created an event at timepad , and on Monday, before the event, wrote article on the hubre Total : about forty registrations and about twenty came to the event. Plus interested employees of our company, it came out to about seventy.
Along the way, we came up with another name under which we can combine our other events : RDSFront. So RamblerJS became RDSFrontMeetup, part of the RDSFrontCommunity

You need more than just pizza

The day before the event, I realized that I needed something special that I myself would enjoy because there was already an insane amount of pizza in the week. And that something turned out to be ginger cookies from the IKEA Swedish grocery store! I love them with coffee!
Story about the first RDSFront&Meetup
In the morning I asked for two coffees to be organized so there would be enough for everyone, and almost four of the five boxes ended up being gone. The leftover cookies in the fourth box were eaten by our team the next day.
Before the event itself they ran a video with the new logo with music from soundcloud which created a relaxed atmosphere and the evening went well!

In the finale

Of course, I was worried and when introducing our event to the guests, I said the wrong thing a couple of times. Of course, I would have been happy if more guests had come. And, of course, the speeches could have been worked on. But as far as I’m concerned, it went well for the first time, and it will only get better next time!

Future plans

  • Collect feedback and consider comments before the next event.
  • Make the event more friendly to our guests.
  • Complete the logo, because: "The silhouettes of people look like an attack of clones, we need to make everyone unique. For example, finish drawing the beard!".
  • Launch your own website with event announcements, videos, and photos.

Thanks to everyone who helped and everyone who came out!

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