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Survey about management tools

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What system does your company use to manage projects? What software do you use for sales accounting and financial forecasting? Where do you systematize corporate knowledge base? Managers are constantly in the process of choosing which tools to use to help get things going within the company. This choice can be difficult, and it is a very big responsibility. Do you wonder what decision your colleagues and competitors have made? We’re very interested, and we’re sure that this information would be a good help in our own search.
So CMS Magazine and Nimax are doing the research. We want to collect a comprehensive list of software products that help organize the work of a web development company.
There are regular reviews of various management tools on Habra – Bitrix24, BaseCamp, etc. We want to do things a little differently. First, together with you we will make a list of basic processes that need to be managed: sales, project management, communication, etc. And only then we will assemble a list of specific programs for each process.
Our study consists of four parts :

1. Business processes

Now we’ll try to structure the activities of a webdev. company and make an exhaustive and, if possible, universal list of processes that require management and control.

2. Management tools

You’ve filled out a questionnaire to participate in the CMS Magazine rankings, haven’t you? There will also be a detailed survey where you need to indicate the specific products you use, rate them or indicate what you plan to switch to.

3. The results of the study

Based on the information we have gathered, we will prepare a study to help you make decisions and choose tools. You’ll learn a lot about your peers’ business organization and the tools they use in their work.

4. Study and testing

The most interesting management practices and the most popular technical tools will be studied in detail and presented in a series of publications–perhaps by your authorship.

1. Business processes

So, let’s start with the first step : let’s discuss how your company is run. Below is a suggested universal activity structure – complete it. Which of these processes do you consider most important and require management? Remove unnecessary items if they are not relevant to your company. Restructure or completely rewrite the proposed plan if necessary:

  • Sales
     Sales Management.Customer relationship management after the sale. 

  • Project management
     Task allocation.Time control.Load forecasting. 
  • Development
     Version control system. 
  • External communications
     Technical customer support.Information support for clients, communication, training.Advertising and PR work. 
  • Internal communications
     Communication within work groups.Informal communication and information exchange within the company.Interaction with contractors. 

  • Quality Management
     Testing and bug fixing.Corporate knowledge base.Working with technical documentation. 

  • Financial management
     Internal financial accounting and forecasting.Working with official financial statements. 

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