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Swedish mobile operators intend to block VoIP traffic

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Swedish mobile operators intend to block VoIP traffic
Some time ago there was news on the web that fixed-line and mobile providers in some countries are not happy with the growing VoIP traffic. There were some lawsuits in US about “cutting” the traffic by some ISPs. Then the lawsuit was over more or less well: providers were prohibited to cut the traffic. Now everything starts all over again, but in Sweden.
Yes, in this European country, where human rights are sort of written down and protected wherever possible, the major mobile operators have announced their intention to block VoIP traffic, because the traffic itself is free, i.e. the provider does not get paid for it, but the networks are seriously overloaded. Providers want to make additional packages for customers who need VoIP traffic. As far as you can tell, there are a majority of these customers now.
Understandably, users are extremely negative about these plans. Some believe that ISPs will go to the extreme, with the division of traffic into video, text, music, and so on. Of course, all this can bring providers additional profits, but customers do not want to pay extra. Representatives of Telia, a major European provider, believe that the service of connecting to the Internet by type of traffic still needs to be separated.
Experts think that all these problems are caused by the fact that telecom companies’ profits stopped growing being at the same level for quite a long time, while VoIP companies are getting more and more money from their own customers. And the providers want a piece of the pie. In any case, this is an important issue and it will be decided very soon. Although it is very likely that in Europe the problem will be solved in approximately the same way as in the United States, where the ISPs have been prohibited to separate traffic by type.
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