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Tajikistan launched a campaign against cell phones

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A campaign has been launched in Tajikistan aimed at restricting the use of cell phones by citizens. This is reported by the news agency " Fergana.ru. ". Banners advertising cell phone operators are being dismantled in the republic’s capital, and TV spots are being broadcast claiming that the use of cell phones can harm your health.
The general tone was set by Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon, who said that the country’s residents spend too much money on cell phone bills. According to data cited by the head of the republic, it costs each citizen an average of 600 somoni (about $135) per year to maintain a cell phone. Rakhmon said the annual revenue of mobile operators in Tajikistan is about 1.4 billion somoni (about $318 million).
Among other things, the president, as reported by the news agency Avesta, instructed "to conduct educational work through the media on the dangers of using cell phones, especially for the health of children and adolescents.
After Rakhmon’s speech, Dushanbe authorities, according to the capital’s mayor’s office, introduced restrictions on outdoor advertising by mobile operators. The extent to which advertising will be restricted is not specified. Tcell has confirmed that it has already received a letter from the capital’s officials stating that the operator’s banners with advertisements must be dismantled.
Meanwhile, on state television in Tajikistan, experts say, among other things, that a person who uses a cell phone too often can develop a brain tumor.

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