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Talking House – The Multiphon brings the family circle closer together in the cottage and makes it safer

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Some will laugh, but the owners of large houses pine for a cramped “two-room”, where all family members are always around.Some will not believe it, but it is scary to fall asleep in a large building, because it is unrealistic to even hear if someone breaks a window. Anyway, a criminal or man-made threat (a fire, an accident in the heating system…) is very difficult to notice in time.
More and more homeowners in our country own large square footage homes. Three, and even five levels – is no longer a rarity in Russian suburban settlements. And family life in them is still the same:
– Kids, go to lunch!
– Darling, I’ve gone to the store!
– Sonny, help me carry the things! …
The only difference is that you have to yell louder, or even run all over the house to say a phrase. I know from experience, although my 1, 500 square feet is not the largest cottage in the country, but the 3 floors (that’s 5 levels along with the basement and attic) and soundproof walls make it hard to exercise, even when you lay down to rest and you just need to tell your wife not to wake up for half an hour.
And, if there’s a fire or other emergency, I don’t even know where to run to notify everyone. And it’s not just the square footage – there are a lot of rooms, and all sorts of back rooms, tubs, basements, attic nooks, garage, shed, sauna, balconies… You can’t get rid of everything in a few minutes!
That’s why our company especially for me has developed a system of multi-channel speakerphone, which allows you to communicate from any corner of my modest home – with all my household at once. It is enough to say something at any microphone panel – and it will be heard by all. And they can also respond. And all the voices are mixed in a single conference, so you can talk as if you lived in a cramped “two-room” – nostalgic feelings!
Talking House - The Multiphon brings the family circle closer together in the cottage and makes it safer
If you wish, you can disconnect your room from the microphone Or from the speaker, for example, to sleep. I haven’t had to do that once, though. Everyone in my family is normal, no screaming at night, and I’m happy to hear everyone during the day, even if I’m drinking coffee. On the contrary, I like that you just hear and don’t see anyone – after work, when you don’t want to see anyone. And at the same time being aware of family events!
By the way, if anyone hasn’t encountered it, you don’t see kids at all in a big house. Especially as teenagers. They used to wait for me to come over, but now they wait for me to leave. So they get lost in every way, dissolving into the house. It is now possible to feel their presence only on the Multiphone. With him I have found my family again!
Well, and security – is not the last thing. No one is safe from fire and crime. One word and you’ll be heard everywhere, even in other buildings like the garage and the gazebo. Multiphone is an advanced version of the Immediately Help civilian notification system, so it is 100% safety-compliant for buildings.
Talking House - The Multiphon brings the family circle closer together in the cottage and makes it safer
Given that my parents are elderly, it is very important that they, too, if anything, can be heard from everywhere and in every corner of the immense house. Ambulances have to be called periodically, such is life. Soon myself, and will rely only on the help of a multiphone, but let’s not talk about sad.
Another important element that is also wired to the house-wide connection is the entrance intercom Now I don’t have to run to the first floor to have a conversation or hear a visitor talking. When there are a lot of kids and friends running around all the time, it’s really hard to constantly monitor who is really coming in. Now everything is audible and available for communication, and the microphone connects to the intercom at the touch of a button from anywhere in my living space.
And not only that. I’m home now, even when I’m not physically there. GSM intercom is paired with a home “chatterbox, ” and I can call it from anywhere in our globe. We are communicating with my family as if I were not in Italy right now. My son, as always, doesn’t pick up his cell phone so I don’t terrorize him about his classes, but there’s no way to ignore my voice in the house. It’s like talking to God, he speaks from everywhere.
At the same time, I can switch live between cameras and see any of the ones I have installed in the hallways of the house – for safety. All this while talking live on the phone to my family home. The full effect of being there!
My little one doesn’t know how to use the phone yet, but she can already press the button on the multiphone, which leads to a call to my cell phone. That’s usually what she does when her little brother hurts her. Sometimes she just wants to talk to her daddy. Even far from my homeland, I don’t feel lonely.
It hurts my heart just as much for the elderly, my parents, who periodically have health problems. To dial a number, even on the phone I gave them with big buttons, they have to search for glasses all over the house. And the multiphone button is always nearby and always visible. And it’s one – which makes it easier to dial. There is an option of calling on the presence of a loud sound.
Talking House - The Multiphon brings the family circle closer together in the cottage and makes it safer
It goes without saying that calls from the door intercom also go to my cell phone in parallel and are displayed immediately with the door camera. I can see the visitor before picking up the receiver and can choose whether I want to talk to him or leave it to the housemates.
" With Multiphon, I live in a spacious building, travel to different countries, and yet am not deprived of the domestic warmth of my little family. And I don’t leave her for a minute to be torn apart by today’s threats of turbulent life ". (Oleg Grishanin)
Talking House - The Multiphon brings the family circle closer together in the cottage and makes it safer
All developed in Russia, it was made by our company Spetslab, which for 19 years has been a leader among Russian developers in the field of security based on video and audio technologies.
The Multiphone has an input for speech alert computer, security and fire systems, installations for Smart Home, which allows you to combine any system that requires an alert or machine conversation with the host. There’s also compatibility with a top-of-the-line multifunction security system GOALcity Cassandra
Prices much cheaper than Western analogues… Just kidding, no analogues have been invented yet even in the West. The “Smart Home” type systems out there are too arcane and inconvenient in that regard (imho). But also the low price of the multiphone is true after all.
Everything delivered in hours, always in stock. Online support for installer and consumer. Consultants will always explain and show you everything.
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