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Tens of millions of documents in all iPads across the country

by admin

Good afternoon! One March morning we had a real event at our company.
Our first free iOS apps – Codex and TechExpert for iPad (version 1.0.8) – are out.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week all iPad users can work with current and updated documents placed in the electronic fund docs.cntd.ru. By the way, it’s more than 17 million units of legal and regulatory documents, so it’s no joke. In this post I will talk about the main technical points, which I hope will be of interest to the community.
Tens of millions of documents in all iPads across the country
For ease of communication, we have made two promo pages for each application – here and over here you can find all the detailed information on the release right away.
Implemented the following features :

  • Search and save documents for offline work;
  • Access to information on all legislative changes;
  • Ready-made pre-installed compilations of the most relevant documents;
  • Work simultaneously in several windows and quickly switch between them;
  • Working with full texts, scanner copies, and document cards.

Now a little about the main ideas of each application :
Everyone may need prompt legal support when a decision needs to be made in a matter of minutes and there is no possibility to consult with professionals. We created the "Codex" app so that anyone can solve their everyday issues, no matter where they are. To do this, the app includes all the areas of legal regulation that anyone can be concerned about. In the version you will find the Constitution of the Russian Federation, all Codes and Federal Laws of our country, as well as government resolutions and legislative news.
The TechExpert app has a different task. The app will be useful to builders, designers, standardizers, metrologists, safety and labor protection specialists, and energy specialists – in other words, every technical specialist. There you can already find technical regulations, including TR CU, popular GOSTs, GOST R, important SP, SNiP, etc. and professional news.
As for interesting technical features, for the TechExpert app it is copy scanner for many normative and technical documents. Let me remind you that scanner-copy is the highest form of documentation reliability. If the architect at the construction site opens the GOST he is interested in in this format, he can be sure that this is the document that guarantees the most reliable information.
In the current build we have included the most necessary services in our opinion. The list of features will be expanded, so it would be interesting to know what features in your opinion should be added to the new versions?
In the following materials I will tell you about the latest trends on the mobile application market – the material will be interesting for companies and private developers who are just thinking about releasing their product. Next we’ll talk about the production chain of filling systems with documents.
See you soon!

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