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The blocking of Google+ accounts continues

by admin

Recently read about people under the age of 18 getting their accounts blocked when they try to sign up for google+.Today we encountered another peculiarity when registering on this new social network, which you should also take into account if you do not want your account to be blocked.
Choose your name responsibly.


Eh, how many articles have been written already on the hubra about the expediency of reducing the number of required fields in the registration form. As much is written about how people fill such fields with all sorts of special characters or extraneous phrases, just because these fields must be filled in. And so it happened this time.
Half a year ago, after another problem with The Bat!, I told my friend to take a look at gmail. She really liked google mail and decided to register. It was obligatory to enter the first and last names in the profile. In order not to reveal her real name my friend decided to enter just the symbol * The combination of her first and last names is Sasha * Google was fine with it, and I was even more fine with it. And my friend happily began to comprehend all the possibilities of gmail.
Recently I finally got an invite to the new brainchild of the corporation of good : google+ (special thanks for the invites to hubrausers tunelix and greenhedgehog ) and I proceeded to scrutinize.
Generally, I have a lot of friends who are far from the IT community, but who are actively interested in modern technology. So we really liked the development of google "+1" and its integration in search results. The idea is great: to somehow highlight in search results the sites that your friends liked. For example, if you are looking for information about "OOP", you will probably choose a site that your programmer friend liked. It was interesting to know how google singles out such "approved" sites. We decided to check it from experience.
So, we launched the English version of google (the Russian version of +1 system is not yet integrated in the search results, at least in our country), entered the phrase of interest and saw the familiar icon +1. We marked several sites.
Now we went to my friend’s account. We google it and see that nothing has changed at all. Hmm, why? Probably because she hasn’t registered in google+ or +1 yet and therefore hasn’t added me to her "circles". Well, she is already in my "circles", so if she put some sites +1, maybe then it will somehow affect my output? Click +1, pop up a standard window on the need to register. Well, let’s register.

And this is where it all begins.

When registering, google complains that the name is not quite correct. But it "delicately" asks if we want to keep the name as it is. Unfortunately all this happens in the English version of the site, and we, not expecting a catch and freely translating the warning google, agree to continue to use a similar name. After that google simply blocks our account. Fortunately, it is not the entire google account that is blocked, but only those services where the profile is actively used. Mail, documents, calendar remain available. The google+ page now looks much simpler than it did before
It displays a message about blocking the account and a link to the profile.
The profile explains that such a name violates community rules
See this one :

Display name
As part of our efforts to combat spam and fake profiles, we recommend that you use the name that your friends, family and colleagues typically call you. For example, if your full name is Alexander Ivanov, the abbreviations Sasha and Shurik are also allowed.

The only strange thing is that they don’t forbid the use of such names, but just " recommend to use the name your friends usually call you" but they act so harshly. The good thing is that there is an option to enter a new name and send a request for verification. We sent the request today around 3pm, still no reaction from google.


The upshot is simple: you have to read not only the contracts you sign but also the agreements you accept. And of course you have to follow everything you agree to and sign.
I hope this helps someone not get in a similar situation. Maybe when registering on google+ itself (not in the system +1), everything is different, but we have not figured it out yet, we are not up to invites right now.
UPDATE: In the evening google reviewed the new name and unlocked the account, further registration on google+ went smoothly!

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