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The Commonwealth discusses: Will Bill Gates remain one if he wears a tailscoat and a bowler hat?

by admin

About Commonwealth A little bit later. And to the question put in the title of this post, you will probably answer: "Of course, yes!" And then you add, "But the founder of Microsoft would look more natural in jeans." I couldn’t agree more. Now my next question is, "Would blogs still be blogs if you put them in a forum shell?" That’s where you’re probably going to wonder. After that, most of you, I think, will answer in the negative. I, on the other hand, would argue that yes, they would. At least when it comes to about blogs hosted on multi-blog platforms such as, say, Livejournal or the same habrahabr. Why?
Yes, because multi-blog platform is the same forum engine, but in a modern package with features typical of Web 2.0 style. Both this platform and this engine allow you to create separate discussion structures assigned either to a particular user or to a particular group of users.
Don’t agree with that? Then if you want to hear my arguments, as well as the position of my opponents, make your point, I invite you to check out one discussion going on forum Commonwealth of Professionals for a New Social Web (CNSW). And participate in it. The topic is called " Blogs : forum wine in Web 2.0 furs? "
Our Commonwealth , whose activity is slowly but surely unfolding, and is going on to bring all the issues of interest to a wide range of specialists to the general discussion. Such a topic can be raised by one of the participants of SNVS. In another case, the topic may arise "in between, " as part of a discussion of another problem. Then the relevant posts are "cut" from the parent topic and a new topic is formed. That’s exactly what happened with the "Forums vs. blogs" thread: Fibre dropped a line, amilner replied, mastak commented on the reply, and here we go… So, join in! You can post your comments, either there – on the Commonwealth forum, or here – on the collective blog "The Intelligent Social Web".
So, welcome to SNSV conference room Maybe we’ll find that "kid", who was poured out by Web 2.0 together with forum "water", untwisting his blogosphere :). And then, maybe, we will formulate the appropriate requirements for a prototype IMR, on which the Development Group of the Commonwealth will work. By the way, to supervise the work of this group agreed to mastak so if you have any questions, please contact him 🙂

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