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The entire archive of the Computer Science Club at POMI RAS is published

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Good afternoon!
As a representative of the project Lectorium is pleased to announce that we have published the entire Computer Science Club archive.
In addition, almost a year ago we arranged to record all the lectures on good cameras and microphones.
And this year we plan to connect webinars.
The entire archive of the Computer Science Club at POMI RAS is published
Most of the lectures are given in Russian. All recordings are accompanied by presentations and descriptions.
UPD. briefly. The old lectures are in poor quality, and the new ones from 2010 are in good sound and 720p.
UPD 2 Expanded the channel, videos are now uploading without any problems.
Here’s a list of courses and a few questions about webinars.

2010-2011, just started

Theory of Evidence Complexity
Functional programming
Semantic classification of images


Distributed Information Retrieval (3)
From Object Replication to Database Replication (3)
Ubiquitous Computing — Vision, Technology, and Implications (3)
On current methods for automatic formal verification of hardware (2)
Introduction to bioinformatics (5)
Virtualization and virtual machines (16)
Hilbert’s tenth problem. Solution and applications in computer science (17)
Additional chapters of the vapor theory (6)
Energy optimization in computer vision problems and algorithms on graphs (4)
Dynamic game theory (3)
Model-based testing (3)


Parallel programming (6)
Computationally difficult problems and derandomization (2)
Communication complexity (11)
Theory of economic mechanisms. Auctions (2)
Web research (2)
Tarski’s algorithm (2)
Algorithmic theory of information (6)
Structural theory of complexity (8)
Graph Algorithms (2)
Software Verification (5)
Software Testing (5)
Cryptographic hash functions (5)
Networking (3)
Complex cryptography (3)
Efficient algorithms (11)
Distributed algorithms (3)
Algorithms for NP-hard problems (13)
Cryptographic protocols (9)
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (14)
Formal languages and syntactic analysis (10)
Questions for the esteemed community :
1. would you be interested in watching these lectures online with the ability to ask questions of the lecturer in the chat room? Keep in mind, classes are held on weekend afternoons.
2. Is it physically possible in your city? Will the channel be able to carry it? Moscow and Peter is clear, but in other cities is not clear.
We are looking for a sponsor who is ready to finance online broadcasts. We want to do at the level, with several cameras, video remote, blackjack…
The club is located in St. Petersburg. Attendance is free and free of charge. Website with schedule. logic.pdmi.ras.ru/csclub

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