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The first all-Russian conference for web developers is organized

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Russian web developers will have an opportunity to discuss industry-specific issues at the first all-Russian conference WWW2006Russia. The difference of the event from Russian Internet-Forum (RIF) and Internet and Business conferences (CIB) in its targeting of technical specialists – web software developers. "The need for an all-Russian meeting of developers has been long overdue, " says Oleg Bunin, the conference organizer. – We have neither a publication nor a public open event where we, the developers of Internet applications, could gather and just talk".
Oleg sees one of the tasks of WWW2006Russia as the formation of the web development industry and standards in it. "Our main problem is the lack of discussion itself, " he says. – There is no platform, no format, practically no scientific communities. Everyone is developing on their own – covertly, without an exchange of ideas, views and experiences. Oleg also mentions trade unions, which, if they existed, could be a big help in developing the industry.
When thinking about the format and content of WWW2006Russia, its initiators are guided by the www2006.org world conference, as well as by the activities of the PHPClub (a conference of free software developers).
Oleg Bunin explains : "We want to talk, argue, read reports, hold master classes in such areas as search, mail, creating large Internet sites, wap technologies, databases, video technologies, Ajax and so on. But all from a developer’s perspective and for the developer."
Answering the question about the expected results of the conference, Oleg said: "I hope that we will feel. ourselves as an industry, as a community of people united by a common idea – to make this world a little bit better. In our own way, in our own way, of course.
The organizers invite those interested in WWW2006Russia to discuss the project. The first meeting will be held on August 24 at 20.00 at Frunzenskaya naberezhnaya, 18D (open air bar "Berth").

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