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The Kindle Fire start screen is available for advertising

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The Kindle Fire start screen is available for advertising
Amazon has decided to make money on ads placed on the home screen of the Kindle Fire reader. In this case, the cost of advertising is very considerable – placement for two months with access to the service "Special Offers" is 600 thousand dollars. It’s not clear yet if the ads will be placed on the start screen of existing Kindle Fire models, or if it’s all relevant for a future model.
It’s likely that Kindle Fire users won’t like all of this. After all, paying for the device itself, subscribing to services for the device, and then seeing some advertising is unlikely to please anyone. So far the format of the ad itself is questionable – in fact it is not clear whether the ads will be shown on the screen when you start the device, or on the lock screen.
Previously, the company has already tested the workability of such a service by launching it on a model of Kindle Wi-Fi reader. For "advertising" readers was lowered the price, by 25 dollars. At the same time, advertising was shown on the lock screen (waiting). It is likely that this experience will be repeated on the new models – especially since the price of advertising is quite substantial, and it could be a good source of income for Amazon.
There may be a repeat of the price reduction situation for the "promotional" Kindle models. Although there is the option of developing a different advertising model. Anyway, the owners of the device, or potential buyers, are unlikely to appreciate such an advertising service if none of the Kindle buyers will receive any bonuses.
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