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The land of scams or online nagibalovo

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I decided to sell my Samsung 795dx monitor. To this end, decided to do a little googling. First of all, I was interested in its characteristics (the instructions have long been sown) and I do not remember 19 or 17 inches, and with the eyesight I have tight. Secondly, the price order is interesting.
I googled it and the first thing I found out was that it was a TFT monitor! What’s up :
The land of scams or online nagibalovo
Who would have thought. Well generally speaking who doesn’t, but it’s kind of a bloopers for an online store to have such bloopers on display.
Then I went to a famous website with private classifieds. I saw this thing a year and a half ago for the first time. What do you think – will they end up going to jail?
The land of scams or online nagibalovo
Elusive confiscation, judging by the fact that every rubric is spammed is still generating revenue. Phenomenal!
Well, to complete the picture as that slipped on the banner of my site just a tremendous divorce. The impression is that clx works by the principle "after us the deluge".
GSM locator (purely a dodging for short text message number):
The land of scams or online nagibalovo
There was also found the mega-site LangEn, offering a panacea in the form of a "unique multimedia program for learning 26 foreign languages"!
The land of scams or online nagibalovo
It’s like in the matrix – Oh! I know kung fu now! And there’s no contact info, no address, no details. Not even the fact that the CD will send, however, I’m not going to check. Somewhere was still promotion with the same pattern pages, where for 200 rubles offered to register your site in all imaginable directories …
I understand that the topic is eternal, but as something has accumulated and decided to fold here. Just one fine evening I realized that the detection of such naEbusinesses is automatic at the level of the subcortex, we’ve lived long enough. And what does the lauded K-Directorate do? And in general – where can I report a blatant crook, preferably without leaving the comfort of your chair?
Ps : I deliberately made screenshots, not enough to promote scammers here.

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