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The main thing is the tail: the viciousness of averages

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If the head is in the crematorium and the feet are in the morgue, the information about the average hospital temperature is not informative. Similarly, if an oligarch eats meat and a tractor driver eats cabbage, it does not mean that on average they eat pigeons. The practice of managing a contact center by average scores is not very good.

The main thing is the tail: the viciousness of averages

Here, with the same averages, the medians are different, contact center availability is different. In the second case, half of the calls waited more than 90 seconds, and that would be easy to figure out without getting into the call detail. The only problem is that one median is not enough for an analyst to see the variation in the data, and this is a characteristic of the quality of management. Yes, requiring the average supervisor to understand medians and variance doesn’t seem like a good idea. "Tails" are easily perceived and understood even by the poorly trained supervisor.

By the way, personnel-related indicators also have "tails", for example, the proportion of newcomers who did not reach their performance targets after a given number of shifts is a "tail" in its purest form. Or the number of operators who were more than Z late is a great indicator of production discipline. Therefore, the tracking of "tails", especially for important indicators, seems to be an optimal solution. And not a solution for the sake of a solution, but so that the company could routinely monitor resource leaks.

Dmitry Galkin, Independent consultant on contact center creation and management Specially for Omniline.

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