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The most interesting things at Securika Moscow 2019

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From March 19 to 22, the 25th International exhibition of technical security equipment and security and fire protection equipment Securika Moscow 2019 took place at the Moscow Expocentre. More than 400 Russian and foreign companies, including Panasonic, PERCo, Bolid, Dahua, ITV, Safe Logic, Argus-Spektr, Assa Abloy, Ajax and many others presented their new products.
So, briefly about The main novelties of the Securika-2019 anniversary.

1. UBTECH’s Atris intelligent patrol robot

Patrol robot Atris, whose resemblance to the cartoon character "Wally" has repeatedly noted the press, is designed to patrol areas with a high terrorist threat. In its homeland, China, the robot patrols the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region instead of the military, and also keeps order in the streets of Beijing. The facial recognition system is able to distinguish potential terrorists in the database from civilians and, if detected, the robot calls the military to the scene. The tracked robot can move both along a preset route and be controlled manually in real time.
The most interesting things at Securika Moscow 2019

2. DarkFighter DS-2CD2T47G1-L camera with ColorVu technology from Hikvision

The camera, which won the "Best Product Innovation" contest in the "Television Security Systems" category, is designed for use in low-light conditions and is capable of forming a color image in the absence of lighting due to built-in warm light illumination. High image quality and accurate color reproduction is necessary for video analytics, when the exact characteristics of video objects are important. The new Smart FSI light harvesting technology and a new generation lens with anti-reflective coating, ultra-low dispersion glass that effectively stabilizes image sharpness and color saturation, and F1.0 aperture have achieved this effect.
The most interesting things at Securika Moscow 2019

3. Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor Wireless Detector from Ajax

Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor is a wireless motion sensor with protection against false alarms, capable of working reliably even in sub-zero temperatures and in splashy and dusty environments. Intelligent algorithm LISA prevents false alarms. The sensor does not react to nekrupnyh animals, precisely defines the person has a range up to 1700 meters and anti-masking system that corresponds to the third level of reliability (Grade 3) according to the European standard of security signaling EN 50131-1:2006. Capable of operating for up to 5 years without battery replacement.

4. Biometric controller with integrated reader from PERCo

Biometric controller with integrated reader used in modern access control systems. The new controller from PERCo supports work with fingerprints, and with access cards formats HID/EMM and MIFARE, and with smartphones. The controller allows you to use several methods of identification in ACS, allowing system users to easily make the transition from access cards to mobile access and biometrics. To strengthen access control, you can organize the passage by card and smartphone at the same time.
The most interesting things at Securika Moscow 2019

5. Automatic fire suppression system based on mini robots with a system from "EFER"

Fire-extinguishing system based on mini-robot sprinklers with remote access system created using innovative developments in the use of fine spray water. The system is capable of automatically detecting a fire, performing automatic fire suppression of an object, organizing electronic fire supervision with remote control, excluding the "human factor". According to the developers, the use of such systems in crowded places will allow to avoid tragedies associated with incorrect response of responsible persons in case of emergency. The system won first place in the category "Means and Systems of Fire Extinguishing" of the contest "Best Innovative Product.

6. Heart of the City Development Program by Dahua

The Heart of the City strategy is based on the idea of intelligence, sensing and ecosystem. According to the developers, the development of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, 5G and the Internet of Things will bring smart city systems to a qualitatively new level. Among the main problems in the development of smart cities Dahua specialists call passive reading, partial intelligence and threats to network security. To solve these problems, the "Heart of the City" program was developed. The "Heart" architecture is organized according to the principle of "1 platform, 2 centers, N applications" and is designed to organize industrial, commercial and city-level applications, allowing to effectively solve business problems and bring social and economic benefits through a scientific approach to construction and operation.
The most interesting things at Securika Moscow 2019

7. Wireless cloud-based Security Hub alarm system from Astra

The Secutity Hub Wireless Alarm System with Big-Data cloud technology is designed to function as part of smart home systems and small home security alarm systems. The uniqueness of cloud alarm Secutity Hub is that thanks to the open architecture of the device can be easily integrated with any central monitoring station and a large number of other devices. For different organizations – for example, security and monitoring companies – there is a single software with different personnel roles and different tasks.

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