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The new HeadHunter API and the discontinuation of API 1.0 support

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Some people know that we have an API, a programming interface that allows us to "communicate" with the platform hh.ru mobile and desktop apps, other sites, and just widgets, including the one to the right of this article on our blog page.
We are pleased to announce that the current implementation is being replaced by a new, completely redesigned version of the API.
Our goal was to make the product more consistent, predictable, understandable and friendly, minimizing the need to study documentation and cases of "hardcoding" some things on the client side. To achieve this, we decided to drop our backward compatibility support for API 1.0 and create everything from scratch, rethinking the whole project.
To focus on functionality, we dropped the XML version, tweaked the method names and grouped them into logical entities, hiding the low-level stuff from the user. What we got was a new HTTP REST JSON API. Once we’ve transcended the previous version’s scope of functionality, we’re officially opening it up.
In the new version, we have discarded versioning: the API will now evolve incrementally, with full backward compatibility support. All functionality will gradually be covered hh.ru Already now authorization in a third-party application using a user account is available. We use the OAuth2 protocol for this, which allows us to provide access to a user’s personal data without disclosing their username/password to third-party applications. Developers can also now access the resume list of an authorized job seeker, use advanced job search and "selected jobs". Gradually the missing job seeker services will come out : creating/editing resumes, auto job searches. After that there will be functionality for employers: searching for resumes, publishing vacancies and much more.
In addition to "low-level" HTTP, we plan to develop client libraries for popular programming languages (Java, Python, Javascript), as well as widget builders. This will further lower the "entry threshold" for using our API, and with widget configurators anyone will be able to create widgets for their site without involving a resource of programmers.
First version ( http://api.hh.ru ) will be available for at least another 3 months, during which time developers should migrate their apps to the new version. In fall, temporary disconnections will start and the exact date of API 1.0 discontinuation will be announced.
Documentation and more information about the new API can be found at https://github.com/hhru/api There’s also a section at Issues where you can suggest improvements, leave a request for improvement, or report a bug. You can also contact the developers directly, via Twitter: @apihhru

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