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The Not-Google Phone

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In addition to yesterday’s review Meet the Android – A translation of today’s editorial from the New York Times, very clearly dotted with iGoogle.
Two technology hits of 2007 have to do with phones — Apple’s iPhone, released this summer, and the news announced Monday that Google would arrange to develop and fund a new open standard of software for cell phones. Some people were disappointed to hear that, since they won’t be able to hold a new high-tech toy in their hands. But in fact we may be on the verge of a similar breakthrough as with the iPhone, although it will be a different kind of breakthrough.
Google has said that a new software development platform called Android will become available to developers next week, and that Google is working with the leading high-tech players that have formed the Open Handset Alliance in this effort. Google’s goal (not to mention the enormous expansion of the online advertising market) is to create software for mobile devices that is more flexible and innovative than what we see on our cell phones today.
The impact on the cell phone market can be enormous. Currently, the mobile world is largely defined by the operators – the networks that connect subscribers. Google intends to flip that whole construct and put software at the forefront, while opening up software and phone development to third-party developers. The end result of this process could be a richer and more integrated world of mobile devices-smartphones increasingly resembling handheld computers-and more choices for consumers.
The new model promises huge benefits for Google because it will promote the use of the Internet on cell phones, and the Internet is where Google makes its money. Google is openly challenging Microsoft, Apple, Nokia and other companies with significant shares in the current state of the mobile market.
Innovation will be the other winner. Google’s new model bets that the more minds involved in working on mobile devices and software, the better, and that the future of the cell phone is not in the phone itself, per se, but in its role as a tiny computer capable of connecting in any way possible with the world, both real and virtual, around it.

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