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The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing

by admin

I recently read that two major cellular operators have moved their call center out of Moscow far beyond its borders. It’s probably not a bad move for companies, but what do customers in Moscow think about it?
I get it. Taking the virtual service center outside of Moscow is :
– low labor costs
– lower tax burden on the company
– regional job creation…
But, dear friends, wait! But, after all, these are pluses only for the company. I also used to think that this was a plus for Moscow clients. In fact, it’s just a huge minus. Because the "Moscow call center" doesn’t know how their Moscow office works.
Quite trivial, I ordered and paid for another account on January 24th to use corporate Internet in Moscow (and all equipment for it). Naturally, I haven’t received any equipment.
"We have to wait for the money to go to the personal account."
And, the emails from the bank being served with the payment stamps are completely unconvincing. Why does the bank send them at all?
Okay, I don’t mind waiting 24 hours. A new day arrives, January 25. I call around 2 pm to Megaphone’s corporate department. The first call – a simple bounce, "sorry, I have not reached your service office, call back in 15 minutes. Okay, we wait. Fifteen minutes later – good luck! They see the money, and they are already "on that account you can come and pick up the equipment at THIS office".
I come to the office at Novoslobodskaya 23. And immediately I feel that something is wrong. There are no clients in the office. A consultant at the entrance: "We had a database crash this morning. All the operators, except for the woman on duty dismissed. Naturally, no one can give me anything.
But WHY in the call center DOESN’T KNOW that the OFFICE is not serving customers since the morning?
In my opinion, it is the call centers that should have this information and they should be the first to know about it in order to inform customers, rather than to misinform them.
They should have said right away that the office is not working today due to technical reasons.
Why do I only find out about this when I arrive, in fact.
Was it hard to say that over the phone? Or does the right hand always not know what the left hand is doing?

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