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The right IT conference. Ural version: DUMP

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What makes a good IT conference?
Working Wi-Fi + interesting practical cases + lots of professional networking and coffee.
The recipe is simple, but for some reason a tasty dish rarely turns out. Another attempt to achieve the ideal will be made on May 30 in Yekaterinburg. Yandex, SKB Kontur, IT-People.ru, NAUMEN, E1.RU, Jetstyle and Artsofte are taking part. Places still available.
Why should it work this time?
Yekaterinburg is the third most developed city in the country (we know that Novosibirsk and Nizhny Novgorod have a different opinion about it :).
The Ural developers have accumulated a great experience, which is not often presented in the capitals, and there were no local conferences yet. There are interesting developments in the area of highly loaded systems (up to 1 million business users) and usability of complex services (including for Yandex), flexible telephony management systems and mapping services, etc. In the end, it is just interesting to see how "guys from the Urals", not only Muscovites with their high workloads and budgets, solve their problems in terms of development organization.
The whole program is divided into 4 sections: Software Architecture, Web Development, Management and Interface Development. Each of them has its own style and its own fun. There will be round tables on API development and design, practical Agile, interfaces of the future, workshops on prototyping techniques, fighting against hives, and programmer financial incentives. And there’s plenty more to come.
Details on DUMP – dump-it.ru
Register here – dump-it.ru/register
See you at DUMP!
P.S. By the way, DUMP stands for Development Usability Management Practice.

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