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The rights holders intend to seek relegation of the domain RuTracker.org

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After blocking Rutracker torrent tracker in Russia, the audience of the resource decreased. According to Roskomnadzor, the drop in traffic was about 30%, according to tracker administration , the negative dynamics is not that significant (here they estimate the drop at 10-15%). Nevertheless, one thing is clear – more and more Russians are learning to use tools to bypass blocking. Fortunately, these tools are quite legal, as Roskomnadzor itself reported.
Rights holders are not too happy with this, and a number of companies plan to seek to block the domain of Rutracker.org, write "Izvestia" and Torrentfreak The National Federation of the Music Industry, which includes Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music and other labels, plans to do this.
"The decision in principle that we will seek to partition the domain of RuTracker.org is in place. Lawyers are choosing the most convenient way to do it. For example, through the courts. We choose where it’s cheaper, where it’s faster, etc." – said General Director of the National Federation of Music Industry Leonid Agronov.
Blocking resources that illegally distribute copyrighted content is not an effective enough method. And rightsholders are not very happy, as mentioned above, although they believe that in many cases blocking allows to significantly reduce the audience of the blocked resource.
"We have seen that the blockers are working, although not 100%. We have information that the blockers are getting 50% to 70% of the visitors off. The criminal activity continues. That is why we are moving on to the next stage – domain partitioning. We do not rule out criminal prosecution of the resource owners", – comments Agronov.
As for the representatives of Rutracker, they do not agree with the opinion of Agronov, and do not believe that the rights holders have a reason to unsegregate the domain of the resource. "We see no reason to delimit the domain rutracker.org, it is registered in accordance with the rules of the registrar, the information about the owners of the domain has been checked and confirmed, " according to the press service of Rutracker.
As for ICANN, the organization that manages the address space on the Web, it has no ability to block domains. "ICANN can only "warn" the relevant registrar (registry) of violations and, as a last resort, revoke their accreditation. This rarely happens (with regard to registrars), but it does happen, I have never heard of it being related to copyright issues, though. Of course, it also takes into account that there are actually no ways to deal with "mirrors" – the site may "move" to some national (two-letter) domain, to which ICANN certainly has nothing to do. At the same time, following the "general rules" does not exclude the possibility of taking some other decisions by the registrars and registrars themselves, " says ICANN vice president Mikhail Yakushev.
According to Doctor of Law Anton Sergo, each domain name registrar must have its own grounds for the division of the domain. And here the "task for the rights holder – to try to find these grounds and make sure that he has carried out this procedure, " according to Sergo. Nevertheless, this task is not easy.
The battle between copyright holders and pirates is far from over – it looks like it’s all going to go on for a very long time.

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