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The Ukrainian parliament intends to help domestic IT-specialists to reach the world level?

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This topic will concern only the Ukrainian part of the audience of the respected hubra-community and, unfortunately, will be very brief due to the lack of a format of topic-links.
Yesterday, the Ukrainian Parliament, an organization with a very close feel for modern IT technology (some time ago I wrote about the fact that deputies bought for themselves 450 extra-expensive and modern monoblocks) – arranged a parliamentary hearing on the concepts of development of domestic informatization.
Ukrainian IT-community took this news with enthusiasm, because it was supposed to be about two bills № 8267 and 8268: they involve a five-year financial experiment – tax vacations for selected Ukrainian IT companies in the period from 2012-2017. It is assumed that the income tax will be reduced from 21% to 16%, tax on personal income – from 15% to 10%, and IT companies will be exempt from VAT.
The level of the event was immediately blurred by the fact that there were some kind of invitation lists for the parliamentary hearings – an open event in its essence – so those interested had to overcome the cordons right on the spot. On the other hand, the level of statements of Ukrainian officials was set by the head of the State Agency on Science, Innovation and Informatization Vladimir Seminozhenko, who bluntly stated literally the following : "By 2015-2016, the export of Ukrainian software may be equal in volume to the export of metallurgical industry"" This passage was also reprinted by some Ukrainian resources (though not without a share of irony) which position themselves as IT-editions. For reference: the volume of exports of Ukrainian steel and rolled products abroad by the end of 2010 amounted to 12, 7 billion dollars, and by the estimates of the deputy (?) the gross income of Ukrainian companies amounts to about 10, 9 billion UAH.
As you can guess, the result was not specific: the deputies promised to vote for the bills before the end of the year, getting as lobbyists not only the deputy head of parliament, but also the youngest son of the president of Ukraine. In this connection, the idea of Comments.ua looks much more definite and unambiguous :

After all, now Ukraine is a country with a pronounced "raw material" economy, which does not contribute to the development of the nation’s intellectual potential. But at the same time there are great fears that the legislative changes will be used only by a few large domestic IT-firms, which produce little, and mainly resell or work for the orders of Western corporations.

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