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The youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

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The youngest Microsoft Certified Professional
Ayan Qureshi, five years old Passed his exam and received a certificate Microsoft Certified Professional becoming the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional on the planet.
A child prodigy from Coventry, England, was introduced to computers when he was three. His father, Asim Qureshi, an IT consultant for a local company, let the child play with old components, motherboards and hard drives so he could connect them and understand the general concept. "No matter what I told him, he wouldn’t forget anything the next day, so I started giving him more and more information, " Dad recalls.
The youngest Microsoft Certified Professional
Ayan now has his own computer "lab, " where he spends about two hours a day learning the operating system and installing programs.
"The hardest part of the exam was explaining the terms used in the questions to the child. But he grasped everything quickly and he has a very good memory, " says the father. When the boy was brought to the exam, the staff at first refused to let him take it, but the father assured him that everything would be fine, the little one would cope.
In an interview with the BBC, the boy said the exam was difficult, but he liked it, and one day he dreams of opening a high-tech center in Britain, modeled on America’s Silicon Valley, as well as starting his own company.
The young champion’s family emigrated to the U.K. from Pakistan in 2009. Ironically, some of the previous prodigies who took the Microsoft Certified Professional exam at a very young age were also from Pakistan. For example, a 9-year-old girl. Arfa Karim. who even visited Microsoft headquarters at the invitation of Bill Gates.

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