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I think everybody knows the Total Commander file manager (a few years ago it was called Windows Commander).Its popularity and convenience in Windows is such that many users can’t imagine using a computer without TC. I am one of them.
But also unfortunately many users have different difficulties with TC. This is normal and for fifteen years of its existence, TC has become a rather complicated program. Of course, reading the documentation (the Russian help for TC is made even better than the original) helps, but not always. And not all users manage to read it…
For many years now, along with the TC’s official forum there is Russian forum of Total Commander support The community helps to solve problems, gives advice, makes translations, etc. The amount of information accumulated over the years is really huge. And this creates a new problem – the problem of finding the right information.
A year and a half ago I started collecting and organizing this information. I dug through a lot of sources – the Russian forum, the official forum, ru-board… I don’t know how many of them I could recall. The result is the following compilation Russian-language Total Commander knowledge base as a chm-file.
After some time, it was decided to make an online version of the database. After overcoming some difficulties, the work was completed : RU.TCKB Online
Although porting a lot of articles to the wiki engine took a relatively long time, I hope that now things will go faster: all community members will be able to edit articles, not just me.
What information can be found at RU.TCKB?
A large number of articles for both beginners and experienced users.
Answers to questions, formatted not as a simple FAQ, but as some sort of textbook.
Material for developers of plugins, utilities, and scripts.
Descriptions of existing plugins and utilities (a complete catalog of plugins is being compiled).
Lots of other useful information.
The project is absolutely non-commercial, does not contain any advertising. Everything is based on sheer enthusiasm and desire to help your neighbor (and also, in some ways, yourself – because now you can answer most questions "RTFM", and give a link).
All TC users are welcome to take a look, and maybe even participate.
RU.TCKB Online

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