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Ukraine wants to create national depository of media content

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Liga.Biznes portal reports Liga Business" portal reports that in Ukraine is initiated the project on protection of copyrights on the Internet: for this purpose, a special service will be created, which will keep samples of media works of authors and monitor their lawful use. The new organization will be tentatively called "national depository of Internet content", and its appearance is still at the stage of coordination between the various departments. Despite this, the State Intellectual Property Service announces the launch of the depository by the end of 2016.
In fact, the work of the depository will consist of a simple scheme. A copyright holder of media content will be able to upload it to the depository and thus be able to track its use on the Internet. A special marking will be put on the uploaded file to make the process of comparing a legal copy and a checked file easier. It is not quite clear what kind of content we are talking about, because one of the experts, who spoke out about the new idea, reasonably argues that in the case of storing full copies of films requires at least a data center. At the same time there are no plans to spend budget money on the depository, and the preliminary cost of the first phase of the storage is estimated at $38, 000 (and the entire project will cost $107, 000).
The depository will be a separate state service "Intelzahist", affiliated with the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine. Previously, this agency has dealt with the licensing of CDs, but during the boom of Internet content, its services were not quite in demand. Additional uncertainty is introduced by the fact that the Copyright Management Association "Arma Ukraine" has previously cooperated with one of the Ukrainian file-sharing services to protect the rights of authors and, according to the newspaper, "Intelzahist" and "Arma Ukraine" may be connected to the depository project. It is interesting that in America, whose experience is used to create a similar project, the function of the depository of copies of works is performed by the US Library of Congress.
The real prospects of the project, according to the interlocutor of Liga.Business, are in fact quite vague. The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine has its own copyright protection project, which is much tougher: it provides for the blocking of illegal content on websites upon request of copyright holders within 24 hours, but the role of the copyright holder and the consequences of such blockages are far from clear.

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