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Ukrainian court issued a verdict after accepting as evidence forum screenshots

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Justifying the glory of Odessa as the capital of humor a precedent happened in one of the courts of Odessa region – the judge decided on the case of compensation for moral damages, adopting as evidence for an administrative offense notarized screenshots of the forum on which, in fact, appeared "insults" that became the cause of the trial.
A certain McKenley construction company, operating under the patronage of a local lawmaker, in 2006 obtained a long-term lease of 33 hectares of land in Kominternovsky District of Odessa region (this is the coastal area of the Black Sea) for 50 years for the development on "questionable terms" with the condition of the resettlement of local residents.
Local activists in the village of Fontanka, on whose territory the development was to begin, began to criticize the company’s management on the forum with a rather detailed analysis of its activities. As far as we can understand, it’s about this resource – it was not possible to identify the "offensive" post itself, because their entries of a negative nature there are quite a few.
As a result, a local resident of Fontanka village was sentenced by a court decision to pay 15, 000 hryvnia (about $1, 900) in favor of McKenley, and – most curiously – the evidence in the case was "notarized" screenshots of the aforementioned forum. Also, but in smaller amounts, three more local residents of the Internet activists must pay. Apparently, the judge was not interested in the lack of proof that the owner of the forum account and the real person against whom the lawsuit was filed were the same person.
Found guilty by court order is outraged :

So you could award me anything : up to and including extremism! After all, anyone could register under my name, on any forum, and then write all sorts of slanders. And if someone had registered under the nickname "Viktor Yanukovich" [ president of Ukraine – auth. ], then the Kominternovsky Court would have fined the president?

For all the tragicomic nature of this situation, one can’t help but recall Judge Alsop, who handled the hackneyed case between Apple and Samsung, and once again think about how firmly the Internet has entered people’s daily lives on the one hand, and how little the people who have to make informed and legitimate decisions related to its specifics are familiar with it on the other hand.
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