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Using custom label maps in MapsApp on iPhone

by admin

Going on vacation – the question of putting on the Google-map of the tags recommended places to visit.
On desktop computer – no problem – GoogleMaps toolkit is perfect for this
(My Maps), but it’s not so easy with an iPhone.
Of course you can open the google-map in Safari, but it is almost inoperable (surprisingly, the layout is crooked for the iPhone), and the native MapsApp is severely curtailed in terms of functionality – there are no "My Maps" (in fact there is not even the possibility to login).
The built-in bookmarks in MapsApp are hardly suitable for this, because there is no possibility to look through the groups of labels (but they are good for the list of streets or specific objects).
More generally, the iPhone does not have the ability to use custom label cards at all.
But by digging through Western blogs I did find such an opportunity.
The coveted link is a link to the .kml file titled "View in Google Earth" eng, located at the top of any custom map (including your own maps).
All you need to do is just copy this link into the MapsApp search box.
Copy it of course not in the literal sense (we can only open the map on a desktop computer), it must be transferred there. We won’t retype so many characters. We will use an alias for the url e.g. tinyurl.com (if no copy/paste is set)
So again in order :
1. open the required user card
2. copy the "View in Google Earth" link
3. convert the url via tinyurl.com/
4. Opening a new url through MapsApp on iPhone
– voila!
p.s.: of course, there is also an option to save the .kml file offered in the link under any name you like on an available host and type its url into MapsApp, but then, of course, the map will not be updated.
Two tasks remain unresolved :
1. If someone can download the .kml directly into the iPhone and open it locally, then we do not need the Internet (we already know how to download the map to the phone).
2. it would be nice to be able to transfer tags back – iPhone > GoogleMaps

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