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vmd- a console application to download music from vk.com

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Do you have favorite vk.com music groups or friends with whom you share music tastes? I do.And I wanted to have an actual local copy of the music of these bands and friends to listen to in my car, phone, player or anywhere else, for example.That’s how the idea of creating a console open source application was born vmd (vkontakte music downloader), which I promised to put up on github at this post The program is multiplatform works on linux, windows and mac os x. You can download binary builds for these OSes at homepage project. Under the hubrakat, it tells how to vmd use and some technical details.

How do you use vmd?

To use the program, you have to get the api_id by going to : http://vk.com/apps.php?act=add If you have the api_id of an existing application, you can use it.
After that, you have to create a file with the session.
Use the following command to generate it :

$ vmd --login <your email or phone number> --password <your password> --api_id <Application ID>

vmd does not store your password on your hard drive, it uses a session file for authorization. You only need to run this command once!
Now you can download music.

Downloading music from users

If a user’s page vk.com/genaev or vk.com/id2302071 , then in order to download his music you have to run :

$ vmd --uid genaev$ vmd --uid 2302071

Downloading music from bands

If the band page vk.com/teamfly , then you need to run

$ vmd --gid teamfly

The music is downloaded to the current directory. It makes sense to copy vmd somewhere in PATH
Synchronization is done automatically by file name, if the track has already been downloaded, it will not be downloaded a second time. The file names correspond to the pattern : artist-track_name-track_id.mp3 Often in vk.com files are named any way you want, including all sorts of smiley faces, hearts and other garbage. A function was written to remove it clean_name()


I’m glad that program and module VK::App Has proven to be useful not only to me. Not a big ToDo list has already been compiled.

  • Add ability to download playlists and albums
  • Add music search
  • Add ability to download in multithreading mode
  • Add proxy support
  • Add ability to download from multiple users or from multiple groups at once
  • Create a GUI interface in QT

Any fitbacks would be welcome!
In new version of vmd bug with wrong encoding of some tracks was fixed.
Recommendation mode (option available since version 0.03):
This mode allows you to download, in a sense, a "crossover" of your friends’ audio recordings. In fact, our friends are likely to have similar musical tastes to us. You can get a dump of all your friends’ audio recordings and download only those that are found in at least 2 or 3 friends. By changing the coefficient you can get different sets. Example. If we want to download all mp3’s which cross at least 5 times:

$ vmd --rec 5

Thanks to the habrouser spiff for the idea!
Mac OS version available for download

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