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Voting on the state portal of ROI for “Changes in the work of the Russian Post”

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As you know, after you-know-who’s speech at the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum :

So, any public initiative that gathers at least 100, 000 authorized signatures on the Internet will definitely be submitted to the federal parliament for consideration…

The Foundation for Information Democracy was appointed as the executor of the project, in accordance with the Presidential Decree of March 4, 2013 № 183 "On consideration of public initiatives sent by citizens of the Russian Federation using the Internet resource "Russian Public Initiative".
And now the Habra community has a chance to see if this initiative will work.
Voting for the initiative Making changes to the Russian Post

Nowadays, when buying goods and foreign online stores, the delivery time is inexplicably long. A package leaves the seller’s country in a matter of days and disappears in warehouses in Russia for many weeks without being identified by the tracking code provided by the seller…

Approximately 2, 700 votes have been cast at the time of publication 11.04.2013 23:00 UTC+4.
There are ~97300 votes left to submit.
There are other interesting initiatives on the portal as well :

As correctly pointed out in the comments, to vote, you must be registered on the "State Services" site.
At this point, registration is possible 3 ways one of which is to receive the activation code through FSUE "Russian Post" by registered mail.

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