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VTsIOM: 13% of Russians are searching for information online

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All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion ( VCIOM ) found out how often and for what purposes Russians use the Internet, as well as what sources of information they prefer in general.
It turned out that the majority of Russians – 85% – receive information from the programs of central television, and only 13% use the Internet for this purpose. The latter figure is comparable with the popularity of regional and regional radio (13% and 10%). The largest share of people who often turn to the Internet as a source of information, according to VCIOM, lives in Moscow and St. Petersburg – there are 26%. In large and medium-sized cities their share decreases to 16-18%, and in small towns and villages to 7-10%.
During the year Runet has increased its audience by 3%. For comparison: the audience of central TV has grown from 76% to 85% – we are talking, we recall, about people who meet their information needs. That is, those, for example, who seek in these communications entertainment are not counted.
"Nevertheless, today almost a quarter of Russians already use the Internet, " reports VCIOM. – Of these, 5% use the resources of the global network daily, another 8% do it several times a week, 6% use it several times a month, and 4% use it occasionally.
Internet resources are most frequently accessed by people with higher and incomplete higher education: 25% of them go online at least several times a week, 11% – several times a month, another 9% – at least once in six months. The lowest share in this group was among those who do not use the Internet at all – 54%.
The opposite is true for respondents with less than a high school education: only 4% of this group goes online at least a few times a week, while 92% of them said they did not use the Web at all.
77% of users need the Internet for matters related to work or study. 44% read news and use e-mail. Every fifth respondent communicates, watches movies or listens to music on the Web. Eleven percent of Runet users play games.
Viewing the Internet as a channel for obtaining information, 44% of Russians consider it a powerful tool for obtaining prompt and reliable news. 27% have not yet figured out which sites to visit and are wary of the Web in general.
43% of respondents find the Internet convenient for communication – they believe that with its help people become closer to each other. 19% of respondents see the "World Wide Web" only as a toy and a fashionable hobby.

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