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Why and why you should set an open id on your wordpress blog

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Running your own blog on wordpress is a number of perks :
– Full control over design and functionality
– Opportunity to earn money by placing ads, etc.
and minus :
– no one will ever see your blog unless you take care of it yourself
– Lack of friends, with the help of which you could make your blog popular. For example, you’ll friend a few people in your LiveJournal, and they’ll friend you back. Such connections would give you an influx of readers. It’s different with a stand-alone blog.
There are two ways to attract users to your blog :
Use services and programs for cross-posting, that is, you write in your wordpress blog and this same entry is added to your blogs in Zhzhzh, Li.ru, etc. The advantage of this way, of course, is the reach of the audience. The main disadvantage – it is difficult to attract people directly to your blog, where there is a lot of interesting things, including your design, functionality and content.
2. The second way is to put an open id on your blog and post comments on behalf of your blog. When a person clicks on your nickname in a comment, he will get to your domain. The cost is great – you have to comment a lot to get readers, but everyone will only see your blog.
To set an open id on your blog, you need to :
Download two wordpress plugins, install them on wordpress and activate.
Next, you need to log in to the blogging platform you want, such as livejournal.com and log in with the open id (your blog’s domain). After the authorization procedure and specifying your email, you will be able to comment. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else you can do, as JJ says on the subject : "Users who don’t have a JJ account can’t write entries. They have no journals here and nowhere to write. But you can comment on other people’s journals."
On the other hand, the comments are enough to keep you in touch with the bloggers you like from the JW.
P.S. so far only tried it on the LiveJournal.

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