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Why switch to nginx?

by admin

Very often, every webmaster asks himself the question – "Is it worth moving to a nginx web server?
I will give simple and understandable reasons for every webmaster, not a techie. We assume that the most mass web server for web hosting is apache. Switch to nginx, we can use on any platform – Linux, *BSD, Sun, Windows and using any web server – Apache, IIS, etc.. Of course, there are specific tasks for which you do not need nginx (take this into account when writing comments).
There are many pros and cons.
Nginx allows :

  • Reduce consumption of system resources on the server (less memory, less CPU load)
  • Speed up the delivery of content for visitors, which is a "plus" for the visitor to return again to your site.
  • Reduce bandwith consumption, by compressing content (who is critical to fit into hosting limits)

Nginx is very flexible to configure and can be used with any control panel (some gps like rusonyx do it through ****)
Want more happy visitors for your site – use nginx, oh wisely 😉
Now, let’s knot – "What prevents every webmaster from switching to nginx ?"
I will now, I will describe the main arguments "against" switching to nginx, which prevent the mass move to use nginx:

  • apache .htaccess does not work (this can be solved either by using apache as a backend or by describing rewrite rules in the nginx config)
  • cgi scripts do not work (nginx has no cgi support, only with cgi backends such as apache, lighttpd, etc.)
  • not everyone wants to understand the configuration of nginx (but what prevents you to go to the experts, who for a normal fee will do everything in the best form?)
  • some complexity in configuring nginx and apache by myself

This is not a complete list, but it is the bulk of it.

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