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Why TV Must Die

by admin

Talking to you here :
* The set-top box segment is still unprofitable
* the number of DMB-H channels in the world tends to zero (a year ago there were three times as many)
* the consolidated video-on-demaind yield (worldwide) after the resounding success in ’07 is decreasing for the second year (10% in 2008, 15% in 2009 (already)) – copyright holder data
* FIFA’s consolidated revenues from the sale of broadcasting rights to TV channels fell by 36%
* Internet portals bought the rights to live broadcasts from the Beijing Olympics
* 78% of the UK’s youth watch music videos on YouTube
* Oprah Winfrey’s show can be downloaded online
* a little-noticed, but very noteworthy fact: the diagonal of the second TV set is shrinking and has reached an average of 9.8 inches in 09
*how much do people born after ’85 spend on social networks, MMORPG’s relative to watching TV and other games still need to be cited?
* Internet advertising activity of candidates to elective offices has clearly followed the spread of the Internet in the regions where they were elected for ten years
And now the data on advertising – it has long been clear that advertising on the Internet is much more targeted than on TV, it is simply cheaper to control and evaluate its effectiveness. That’s why news goes to the Internet, as we see with the "Vesti", russia-today, and other bbc news outlets.
Now think about it: news is gone, soap operas are gone, movies are gone, sports are gone, music videos are gone. What will be left on the TV channels?
The only things that come to mind are
a) specific daily and weekly "TV shows" (like "Millionaire" and "The Apartment Question")
b) specific one-show projects (like Eurovision or "we are looking for talent")
c) specific talk shows (like "oprah" or "topgirl")
It all boils down to the following conclusions :
a) TV viewer base is shrinking (old people who are used to TV will simply die out, the rest will switch to the Internet with the spread of broadband)
b) people no longer need a broadcasting network but prefer to plan media viewing themselves, including using "playlists" of friends
c) the advertising base (and hence revenues) of traditional TV is inevitably shrinking
Thus, I do not see a future for television, including even digital television (especially since digital television requires the same broadband)

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